No weblog? No worries.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: There was some kind of technological hiccup, and the first two comments to this post went missing. If you were one of those people, I apologize. Please enter your comment again — one comment for each bookstore you visited/called.

For those of you who

(1) would like to participate in the Tied to the Tracks meme
(2) but don’t have weblogs
(3) and still are interested in
(a) helping me get the word out about the TTTT trade paper release;
(b) an Amazon gift certificate;
(c) a pile o’ books…

…here’s a different kind of contest.

NOTE: this is for those of you in North America. There will be yet another contest for the rest of the world, coming soon.

Between now and July 5, either visit or call a local bookstore (that is, a brick-n-mortar store, near where you live or work). Once you’ve got the attention of a human being, ask:

1. When Tied to the Tracks will be released in trade paper;
2. When they expect to have it in the store;
3. How many copies will be available.

How you handle the answers you get is up to you. I certainly don’t expect you to buy a copy from every bookstore in your town. Or any copy at all, for that matter. I refrain from asking questions about the purchasing habits of people who visit here for a good reason: none of my business.

How to enter the contest:

Leave a comment to this post in which you state:

1. the name of the bookstore you called;
2. the city;
3. briefly, what answer you got to your questions.

So for example: I called a Barnes & Noble on State Street in Cincinnati and they said they had one copy of TTTT on order, but no idea when it would be in the store.

Or: I called the Tattered Cover in Denver (Cherry Creek) and they said they have three copies on order, they expected it on July 3, and did I want to reserve one?

Or: I called Borders in Ann Arbor, and they couldn’t find any record of anything you’ve ever wrote, and told me I was hallucinating.

(Let’s hope there aren’t too many like the last one.)

If you call or visit three different bookstores, you can enter three times. That means: for each phone call or visit, you submit a new comment.

I will draw two names at random (so if you enter more than once, your chances are much improved) and each of the winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate and a pile o’ books.

Some notes:

Your help in getting out the word is very much appreciated. If I could give everybody a pile o’ books, I would do that happily.
For the most part, this contest depends on the honor system. You could cheat, of course, by making up the information you submit, but that would make you a Hater of Democracy.

All decisions of the judge (me) are final.

If you are going to participate in the meme, you can still enter this contest — but you can’t win both of them.

Your help in getting out the word is very much appreciated. If I could give everybody a pile o’ books, I would do that happily. For the moment, I can promise two people fifty bucks and a pile o’ books for making a phone call.

There’s a lot riding on this release of TTTT. If you can suggest it to one person, that would be a great help.

30 Replies to “No weblog? No worries.”

  1. That would be me that got lost! Okay here goes:

    I called Barnes & Noble in Manchester, NH and this is what I was told: That TTTT was already out, they had none in stock and didn’t know when they would order any, but that they could order me one!

    Rosina, this is a very neat idea and very eye opening!

  2. I called Barnes & Noble located in Mira Mesa on Westview Pkwy, San Diego, CA. I spoke to a real person after being left on hold for 5 minutes. Shauna gave me the information I needed though. She informed me that TTTT will be released on 7/3/07 and that IF they get any copies it will be on the shelves by the evening of 7/3/07. They currently have not placed an order for TTTT as of today but did offer to place an order for me to gaurantee my copy on 7/3/07.

  3. Here’s my second phone call:

    Called Borders in Concord, NH and this is what they told me: TTTT was being released on July 3, they should have copies in the store anyday, but that they only had one copy ordered!!

  4. Rosina,
    This was a good little exercise!

    The second bookstore I called was Borders located on Camino Del Rio South in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA. I spoke with Dan and he told me the book was already out and they currently had 2 copies available for $14. He asked if I wanted them to hold a copy for me.

    Hope this helps. Tania

  5. My third call was to Barnes & Noble in Del mar, Ca. Deborah informed me that TTTT was being released on 7/3/07. She did not know if an order was placed but she “hopes” it will be available for me to pick up on 7/3. She did offer to hold a copy for me if and when it arrives in the store.

    Needless to say this bookstore has bad customer service and wanted me off the phone ASAP. Or maybe this is the only B&N that doesn’t have acces to order information and it is not Deborah’s fault.

  6. I called Barnes & Noble in Brentwood, TN (just south of Nashville) and the bookseller told me that the book will be released sometime in July, probably July 3, and they should get it the same day. She said a couple of customers had already placed orders. When I asked how many they intend to stock, she said she had no idea and that would be determined by “someone in New York.”

  7. My second call was to Barnes & Noble in Huntsville, AL and was told it would be out sometime in July and they should receive it the same day. She could not provide how many copies would be stocked.

  8. My third call was to Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville, TN. The guy I spoke to said that his computer showed a release date of July 2007 and they already have the books in their warehouse so he thought it would probably be released on the first Tuesday of July and it would be available in store on that date. Four copies were ordered.

  9. I just called the Borders in Albany, NY. The young lady was a speedy talker, but very pleasant. She says that the “laydown” for TTTT might be “July 1st-ish”, but she wasn’t sure b/c the computer listed the release date as just July. She suggested that I call every Monday to find out if it was released. The young lady had no idea how many copies they would have but said that I could call back and order a copy if I was interested.

  10. I first called called B & N in Thousand Oaks, CA, and they said the Pub date was 7.03.07, they do expect copies in as of the beginning of July but she was not at liberty to say how many (big secret I guess!)

  11. The next call was to Waldenbooks in the Thousand Oaks Mall in T.O., CA (which turned out to be a “Broder’s Express”, so this may not count, since I called a “Borders” as well but here’s the info just so ya know):
    The woman I spoke with said the store in Northridge, CA has the trade in stock already (she did not have an exact pub date for me; I thought it was curious since the other book stores had it coming in July, but she double checked for me and said it is in stock already), although she could not access how many copies they had. She said the T.O. mall location did not have any in stock but would certainly order one for me.

  12. And finally my third call was to a Borders in Thousand Oaks, CA, where they told me the pub date is listed as 7.03.07, but they were not expecting to get any in. She was not super helpful, but she did eventually offer to order the book for me. I ordered it so they will be expecting one copy “next Tuesday or so”.

  13. I phoned my nearest book store, Coles, here in Canada. Marina answered and was helpful in that she looked up the author’s name/book name and said the paperback is coming out in July and the hard cover was out last year. I asked if any were on order and she excused herself for a few moments and came back on and said ‘no’ but they could order for me if I prepaid for it.

  14. Sorry I forgot the location of my first phone call; it was in Swift Current, Sask. at Coles Book Store in the Wheatland Mall.

  15. I phoned Page One, An independent bookstore in Albq, NM and the woman said that TTT would be out July 3 and that they would be glad to order it for me as they did not have it on the shelf.

  16. I called Barnes & Noble in Albq, and they did not have it on order and they said they could order it and it would take two weeks to get it in.

  17. Hi! Okay, I called the Borders in Chicago (Uptown on Broadway Street) and they said it was being released on July 3 but they would not have it in their store. She suggested I could call back on July 3 if I wanted to order a copy.

  18. Hi Rosina – called the Coles in downtown Calgary, Alberta Canada – talked to Perleck (??) – and Perleck if you read this, I apologize if I’ve mispelt your name.

    Anyhow, no copies on order – ie they’re getting none – she was going to check the h/c for me and I responded “if you’re getting none of the Trades then there’s no point in checking the hard cover is there?”

    And – why don’t I have a trusted respondent little thinga ma dooey on my name??

  19. Second call – to a Chapters in Chinook centre – large mall in Calgary Alberta – Eric was extremely helpful and told me July 3 was the release date – it looked like they were getting 3 or 4 but if the books were at the bottom of the shipment it would be on the shelves on July 4 (yay for you since you’re American) and to check on July 4.

  20. Third call – called McNally Robinson- a great independant bookstore in downtown Calgary – however Sara helped me and first asked if I had an ISBN number – hah! – then found nothing under your last name or full name so I gave her the title – seconds passed – giggling/people sounds in the background. She was typing/looking it up and I was typing this comment. We listened to each other breathe and type – “It’s not here in Canada yet – we won’t even have it – we don’t have any on order but I can order – it would take a couple weeks to get in” – so I’m gonna get it at Chapters with the wonderful Eric!!! (and when it’s my turn to pick the book for bookclub and/or for Sept’s book I will pick it if I can horn in on my hubby’s pick – it’s his pick for Sept but I may cheat and ask him if he lets me pick this one for his pick, he can have my pick). Anyhow don’t know why McNally was so difficult and they said none of their stores had it on order – however she also seemed to think as I said that it’s not available in Canada. I may call back on Tuesday July 2nd and speak to someone else there – I mean who asks a member of the public if they have the ISBN number when they call re a book? (and Sara if you read these posts a) sorry b/c I should have commented on your customer service in person but b) you may learn something – it’s meant constructively in any event.


  21. I’m a bookseller, so I spoke to myself at the Waldenbooks in Pompano Beach, FL. :-) I told myself that the book is coming out July 3rd, and since I didn’t know if corporate would be sending any copies, I would be ordering in some for the store since I enjoyed the book & will be recommending it to customers.

  22. I submitted an entry which has not shown up as of yet.
    I called the Book and Brier Patch in Regina, Sk. and they have none on order. They would order for me and I would not have to pre-pay.

  23. I called Coles in Vernon, BC Canada this morning and the woman mentioned that TTTT was being released today. They weren’t getting any copies in but could order one for me if I prepaid for it.

  24. My second call was to Chapters in Kelowna, BC Canada and the woman I spoke with said that TTTT was released today. They weren’t getting any copies in but would order one for me if I was interested.

  25. I called Barnes and Noble, in Chico, CA and asked about TTTT. She said that the reprint had already been released, but they do not have any copies on order. She offered to order it for me.

  26. I called Nancy’s Bookstore in Paradise, CA which is my hometown and a pretty small town. I was not suprised when Nancy told me she didn’t have the book, and didn’t know anything about it. But I was suprised that she didn’t offer to order it for me.

  27. Hey Rosina,
    I called Coles (which is the same as Chapters) at the Carlingwood location in Ottawa, Canada. The lady was very nice. She informed me that her computer told her that none of the Coles/Chapters stores in all Ottawa had TTTT in trade. That’s at least 15 stores… I asked if she was sure, she said yes. None ordered, but I could order one and it would be here in a week.
    However, I went on the website and it is in stock. You can even order the book online, and have it delivered FOR FREE to the store. I actually did that to buy Homestead last year.

  28. I got lost at first, too, but I wasn’t following the rules either – didn’t read closely!

    1.McNally-Robinson booksellers
    2.Winnipeg, the Portage Place location
    3.Not in stock, although they saw on their computer that the book was released, just hadn’t ordered any. Checked the other store in Winnipeg, none in stock there either. They have no plans to get some in (well, the clerk answering the phone had no plans, I surmise). They offered to order a copy for me if I wanted one.

    (McNally Robinson is an independent book store begun in Winnipeg, with two outlets designed to look a lot like Borders/Chapters. They compete fairly well in this market, but more with local writers and works. They just opened an outlet in New York City, apparently, something to do with their daughter moving there or something – correct me oh web wise, if I’m wrong)

  29. Another visit, another entry!

    1. Coles
    2. Winnipeg, Cityplace location
    3. I walked in, checked out all the likely bookshelves, some unlikely ones, and no sign of hardcover or paperback TTTT. I said it was just released in paperback, so when would I expect to see it on the shelves? She said, oh, maybe in a couple of weeks, and we’d get 5 or 6 copies. Then she checked her computer to see when it would be in, and changed her answer dramatically. Said, “we won’t be getting any” and explained they are a small store, and they don’t get every book, but for sure her Chapter’s (parent store) would get it instead of Coles. I asked if she could order it for me, she said she could, it would be about 2-3 weeks for it to get in. She seemed very confident that Chapter’s would get it in.

  30. Third try’s the charm?

    2.Winnipeg, St. Vital location
    3. I called Chapters and said that Coles said you’d probably have it, and could you check if TTTT in paperback was in? She said, “I haven’t seen it on the shelves, but we’ll check on-line.” I asked her why Coles wouldn’t get it, and she said the smaller stores don’t get certain books. She found the listing for TTTT on-line, got confused about the release date between June 2006 and July 2007, but we sorted that out. I asked if she could order it for me. She checked apparently, and said “I Can’t even get it in for you, it’s not on our list.” I asked why that might be – is it because it’s from the States, or what? She replied they’re just not getting it. “The decision’s made in Toronto. If somebody there decides we’re getting it, we get it.” A very ‘I don’t make the rules, I just live by ’em’ tone was adopted then, and I said thanks and hung up. WHY DID I SAY THANKS?!? Sheesh.

    I was going to call the University’s book store, but they’re closed in the evenings (they kinda know their market, eh?) so I’ll try there tomorrow. This was a very interesting exercise. I hope it gets sorted out. Your publisher needs to send this book to the woman who owns/runs Chapters/Coles in Canada and get it on her “I read this” list. Or something. Very frustrating.

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