no more lawyer jokes.

Remember back when I posted how confused I was about domain names? Somebody named Manila Industries had possession of and I had no idea why, or what to do about it.

You more savvy types told me about cybersquatting, and then it turned out that I wasn’t the only one at odds with Manila Industries. Lots of you emailed and commented asking what I was doing, and what they could do, to get back a domain name. And Dennis McCooe commented too, saying he was an intellectual property rights attorney, and he had some experience dealing with Manila Industries.

So guess what. Dennis McCooe got me back the domain name, and with next to no fuss or work on my part. He called me today to say so, and now I’m thanking him publically. Please don’t email me to ask how to deal with Manila Industries, okay? Because I’m clueless. But if you need somebody to handle this kind of thing for you, Dennis is your guy.

McCooe AT BlankRome DOT com

PS Blank Rome is a very well established, very large law firm.