No. 48 jumped out of the hat. Sort of.

Carolyn from Vermont, the audiobook of Queen of Swords is yours. Please email me with your postal address, okay?

Here’s how I did it this time (still can’t find the hat):

I asked three strangers to pick a number between 1 and 58. I then added those numbers together, and the total was 48. If the total had been more than 58, I would have swung around to the beginning, so that (for example) 60 would have meant that number two on the list would have won.

I think it’s a pretty neat way to pull the number, I have to say.

Stay tuned, I’ll have more stuff to give away soon.

6 Replies to “No. 48 jumped out of the hat. Sort of.”

  1. Congrats Carolyn! I have to admit to a bit of a surprise when I saw a fellow
    Vermonter had won…but even stranger is that you live in my town, too! Maybe I can come over and listen along :-)

  2. It sure is a small world Tracy! If you want to leave your number at Beaudry’s, I would be happy to get in touch with you and let you borrow the audio cd’s. Thanks Robyn, Judy, Beth for the kind congrats!

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