newsletters on a Sunday night

It’s a little scary, the way I can lose myself in technological mumbledeegoop. The problem-solving aspect of it is hypnotic, or maybe narcotic. I get all wound up in pixels and css and background images. I roll around in hex values until I’m all dusty. My guess is that the combination of technical problem solving and the aesthetic of the graphics works on my neural transmitters like a huge dose of serotonin.

At any rate. If you signed up for the newsletter, you should get the first issue sometime in the next five or six hours. If you don’t, please check your junk folders and filters. And if you can’t find it anywhere, then email me and I’ll see if I can sort things out. Make sure to let me know which email address you used when you signed up.

Assuming for a moment you do get the durn thing, here’s a question: any suggestions? Things you’d like to see included in the sporadically provided newsletter? I’m open to your ideas.