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Things are unsettled here still, and I’m often disoriented and distracted. But I wanted to get a few things down before I forgot.

1. Lots of people signed up on the forum, posting away madly in the hope of winning the Queen of Swords ARC. I’ll be drawing the name on Friday, so get over there and say something if you’re interested. Even if you don’t care about the ARC, you might find something to interest you on the forum. There are lots of interesting conversations going on. I’m also thinking of posting the original, longer first chapter of Fire Along the Sky over there.

2. So far I’ve had about twenty-five letters (or postcards) from people who would like a page from the Queen of Swords galley proofs. I sent out a pile on Saturday and I’ll send out another pile tomorrow. I’ll open a thread on the forum where you can, if you like, indicate if you’ve received one of the pages and which page it is. It would be fun to see how much of the galley proof we can reconstruct. In a quirky, I’m the only one laughing way. If there’s interest, I’ll open another spoilerish thread for people to talk about the pages they’ve got and what they think is going on.

3. Still time to send me a SASE or postcard (I got a Farscape postcard today, now there’s somebody who knows what makes me happy), and I’ll send you a signed, dated page in return.

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  1. Hi Rosina,
    I eagerly await the arrival of my page :), I’ll be sure to post on the forum when I receive it and the page number. Do you know what time you might draw the winning name for the ARC? :)
    Thank you,


  2. Ok, I haven’t sent it yet, I am going to the store and buying a postcard and sending it today. Sorry for the delay and thanks again!

  3. I sent mine a few days ago. Eagerly awaiting my page. I will post ASAP with all my wild guesses as to whats going on, provided that a discussion is open for that topic!

  4. I like the idea of a spoiler thread. For me, being able to find out a little piece here and there throughout the story would be like watching a movie trailer. It would definately help to pass the time until I get the whole book.

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