NEW CONTEST: signed first edition of Fire Along the Sky


I’m moving the contest entry up front as there are only three days until the drawing on August 15, at which point I should have already received a few copies; if I haven’t, I’ll still hold the drawing and pick the winner, and the book will go into the mail as soon as I receive it.

If you’ve tried and failed to enter in the last week, it should work now.

The rules are simple: by entering a comment here, you have entered this contest and you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • the author (me) is not responsible for technical difficulties arising from the software or hardware running this contest, and reserves the right to cancel without awarding the signed first edition if such difficulties make continuing impossible.
  • the author (me) reserves the right to delete entries that (a) are duplicates [though if you make a mistake by clicking twice, send an email and it will be fixed]; (b) contain objectionable material such as spam, advertising or anything else that the author (me) deems contrary to the spirit of the whole undertaking.
  • The winning entry will be drawn out of a hat, by the author (me), the one and only judge, and notified by email. If the winning party does not respond to email notification within one week, a second drawing will be held.
  • All of the author’s (mine) decisions regarding this contest are final.

No information provided will be sold or used in any way beyond required to carry out this contest, just so everybody’s clear on that. The signed first edition will be sent to the winner wherever he or she lives in the world, by airmail.

In your comment/contest entry you need to do the following:

1. State your first name and the first letter of your last name.

2. Provide a valid email address.

3. Reproduce this statement (you can copy and paste): I’ve read the rules for this contest and I agree to them.

4. You can add a comment if you like (for example, let me know what you would like me to discuss here on the blog, or what you like about the books). However, please be aware that while I really, really like comments, a particularly complimentary comment won’t help your chances at all one way or the other and conversely, no comment at all won’t hurt you, either.

One last thing: if you have difficulties with the contest or questions about it, please get those to me by email. The only comment you should post right here is your contest entry.
Good luck to all.