that'll do, pig. that'll do. or: laughing at myself


Do you know what movie this is from?

Do you know what married couple is bound to look
just like this in another ten fifteen twenty years or so?

7 Replies to “that'll do, pig. that'll do. or: laughing at myself”

  1. That photograph is from the Australian film ‘Babe’. If I don’t watch out it will be my husband and I! I can see myself living on a little block of land in the country with my animals etc lol

  2. Well it looks like my husband and myself,in twenty years, that is if he was wearing a skirt. Long live the little guy!

  3. 2 Items:
    1. Just so you can have a laugh. I was guessing it was from “How Green Was My Valley.”

    2. I like this new look.

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