The Gilded Hour, Race & Ethnicity over Space

If you remember the Mazzini Hotel from The Gilded Hour (where the Italian Benevolent Society met), you wouldn’t have any way to know that there really was a hotel by that name on the spot on the south border of Washington Square Park in the early 1880s. That whole neighborhood, south of the park and north of Houston, was home to many immigrants and was ethnically very diverse at that time.

The city’s largest group of French and French Canadians was there, as well as a long established African American community that first began to come together  when this was still the outskirts of the city. Italians were also well represented, with fewer Irish and almost no Germans.  This larger area is important in the sequel to The Gilded Hour, as is the area around the Jefferson Market (to the east of the park) which you will be familiar with already. This map indicates that the Jefferson Market area and the neighborhood  tmoving north along Sixth Avenue was populated primarily by non-immigrants.

Note that the color bars don’t map to particular streets; they are meant only to provide relative densities for the different ethnic populations.

This is a detail from a very large map, one that is quite hard to read. I’ve reconstructed the data to the best of my ability and on the basis of additional research.



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  1. Hello from Kingaroy Australia ? I am on my second reading of your series and have told so many in our country area about you wonderful, engrossing and so well researched books, I have a wait now to start the series again as someone took Into The Wilderness ? My brother and his wife now live in Rockport Tx so I was planning a trip to see my 90yr old father in England but changed my mind to a holiday to travel the trail of your books in September – wish it were now with the cheap air fares but have to wait- my two daughters 49 & 33 are reading your series and as I tell all females, you make the women real, strong and a model to gain strength from in all your books – – I Adored them all and particually I applaud the openness of A Guilded Hour and wish I had had had Curiosity etc in my family to advise me. Thank you so much for writing as you do — it is brilliant work, believable and, as I inform all, every fact and date brings yet more information – you have done the most amazing work of research !! Thank you for being such a wonderful writer. Btw if you could afford a trip to Australia pleeeeaaaase come to Kingaroy as the Library would treat you as Royalty Regards and Respect Andrea White

    1. Hi Andrea — You certainly have made my day.

      Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, the two things that keep me going when the going gets tough. I am very lucky to have such kind and loyal readers Downunder.

      You are by far the more adventurous traveler, as I have never been to your part of the world. Maybe someday. My very best to you and your daughters, and thank you again for taking the time to write. It means a lot to me.


      1. Thank you Rosina for you comments and I am loving (for the second time) Amalie – I think you are brilliant Thank you for so real characters – I shall tell my Sara Donati friends to join your messages Thank you and take care ?

      2. Hi again Rosina, I thought it interesting today in Amythest Moon a shop owned by a young friend here in Kingaroy – when another friend started a conversation about American Indians and one of his best friends, whose father is head of the tribes of Cherokee – I told of your books – sadly hasn’t read them – anyway the discussion moved the original inhabitants of Kingaroy, South Burnett area. Apparently this area was settled by Germans ( there are still a remarkable number as are the Lutheran Church’s ) Apparently the Germans settlers eradicated the original aboriginal tribes and a pointed reference was a picture at a homestead not far away. There was a flood which often happens but a large cart with a crate on the back had turned over. All that could be seen was the white man standing pointing to black arms waving through the wood panels as the water swept over. Then naturally the talk moved to Aboriginal tribes and how the power was the Woman’s as they were connected to the Mother Earth spirit- then Christianity’s and the Mission came. I wanted you to know how similar the outcome has been in Australia, except no independence . Not saying you need to know but it would be a thought provoking read if written by you.

  2. When will the sequel be out? I can hardly stand my wait to see who committed these murders!!!

    1. Hi again, I thought to suggest to Sheryl she does as I do – start from the beginning of the series Into The Wilderness – again – there are so many historically correct, fascinating bits that are missed with a first read – I think lol

    2. Hi again Rosina from down under in QLD Nearly finished second reading of The Gilded Hour – sad, However I have reserved Into the Wilderness from our library in Kingaroy – only to find out someone in another town loved your book so much it has vanished- our library bought that copy for me end Nov 15. Now they have had to buy another copy again – I am obviously an expensive Public Library member – but look how much your books are loved down here – and no wonder, as you are quite brilliant .. Take care and thanks for writing Andrea

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