myopia and other viewing matters

I’ve had a lot of comments from people who find the blog hard to read, and so I’ve changed the font size. I don’t really like it like this; to my eyes it’s rather clumsy looking. It is possible, I will remind you all, to enlarge the page you’re looking at by using the options under the “view” item on your browser menu. I’m going to leave it until (a) it really gets under my skin) or (I hope) (b) I hear from enough people asking me to change it back.

Well, the response to that was quick and clear. One person here commented that she liked it; and then there were a dozen emails that pretty much said change it back! So I did. I also made the text in the comment box darker and bigger.


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  1. This is much more comfortable for me. Then again, since switching to a Mac full time I’ve grown quite accustomed to changing the font size. Things are just smaller here.

    The comment text bothers me more than the blog itself, maybe because it’s both small AND gray.

  2. The font size in the main entries has always been fine; it’s the bar on the right that required me to change my settings. (I keep my text-size setting on “smaller” ordinarily, because, well, EVERY site looks clumsy on “medium” on my monitor).

  3. Hi, I’m new to this blog — thanks to LanguageHat — but wanted to suggest a couple of links that I find helpful when trying to read smaller fonts:

    1) Internet Explorer’s Text Size change doesn’t always work for Movable Type blogs so maybe give Mozilla Firefox a try. Firefox gives you the ability to increase font sizes by simply pressing “CTRL” plus “+”.

    2) Thanks to the WSJ’s Walter Mossberg I just learned of Web Eyes. There’s a free trial and then it’s only $20 — his review is free and over here. It’s a toolbar you can add to Internet Explorer and it gives you the ability to read most pages like a book, and it means no more scrolling. (However, I use Firefox for websites that take forever to connect to advertisements off-site.)

  4. Aaron, thanks very much for those useful links. As I use Safari I wasn’t aware of the IE issue with Movable Type. I’m going to point to this in a main entry for people who might not see it otherwise.

  5. No problem, Sara. Your blog seems to be fine with IE 6 so perhaps it was earlier versions of MT that conflicted with IE.

    In any case Web Eyes is still recommended when reading essays, long interviews, and even your blog looks cool in it.

    Take care,

  6. I just started using Mozilla instead of IE (because for some unknown reason my popup blocker stopped working and oh good LORD you get a lot of popups with IE) and the blog looks way. way. way better in Mozilla. Just thought I’d share.

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