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In response to my question (a couple posts ago) about what you’d like to see me write next, someone asked what I really want to write, what I would write if marketing and mortgages and tuitions were not an issue.

First, let me try to wrap my head around that idea.

Okay. Here’s the thing. Historicals take a long time to write, and the research — which I love — is a drain. It took me about a year to write Tied to the Tracks and then another year for Pajama Girls, because they are (a) shorter; (b) less research intensive. Note also that I was working on those novels part time while I kept banging away at the historicals.  I don’t remember ever bogging down while I was writing either of the contemporaries.

So for the present, if I didn’t have to think about sales, I would write another contemporary. I have a pretty good outline for one in my head, and it already has a title: The Swing of Things. I do hope to write it, some day, but probably I’ll have to write it without a contract up front.

I’m not done with historicals. I am very enamored of my plot outline for the Rhode Island novel (good thing, too, or why would I write it?). But I’ve been working on these big fat historicals for 10+ years, and I could use a change of pace.

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  1. I read book two of The Wilderness series first then managed to get the following ones. I had to get a friend of a friend in USA to get the first one for me and my friend brought it back to UK! I am reading it as SLOWLY as possible! Please hurry up with Book 6!!I do understand the time commitment to good quality writing but cannot wait to immerse myself in The Endless Forest.Thank you!Masha

  2. Missed this post a while ago, but thanks for the explanation – you never know until you ask, right?Seems like quite a difference in production times, potentially, so of course the contemporaries are the way to go from an economics point of view.

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