interview with the wilderness crowd

Regarding this post: I thought I had posted this a long time ago, but I can’t find it in the database. If I did post it, I apologize for the repetition. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a transcript of one of my meetings with my characters. It was written some time ago — at least six months — but it’s still pretty relevant. I ask questions; the answers in bold face.
So, who wants to get this story started? Elizabeth?

No thank you very much. It’s time for someone else to have a turn.


You know me better than that.


You can’t handle my story.

Lily. Come on.

Possibly. Let me talk it over with Simon. But you do realize we’ve been away from Paradise for a long time?


Look around this village, you’ll see I don’t have time. And please don’t ask Ben, he’s distracted enough as it is.

But Hannah, I can’t just ignore him. Ben?

Happy people make boring fiction, I’ve read that on your weblog a number of times.

You read my weblog?

We all do.

Jennet! You’ll get us started, won’t you?

Ye ken we spend half the year in Manhattan, aye? I fear I couldnae do it justice.

Carrie? Gabriel?

I mean no disrespect, but I hardly know you. And Gabriel isn’t here. He’s never here. Go up to Lake in the Clouds if you want to talk to him.


I don’t tell stories the way you do.

Curiosity. Hello.

Don’t you play games, missy. I know you’ve had your eye on me this whole while.

Shouldn’t I have my eye on you? It’s your turn.

You think you so clever, but I’m wise to you. I surely am.

I don’t know what you mean.

Is that so? And ain’t you the one who pulled me out of thin air? You know what’s holding things up, you just don’t want to face it.

Now I’m curious. Go on.

One thing you keep forgetting. You know us all because you gave us breath and bone alike, but we know you too. We know you down deep.

Wonderful. So tell me, why don’t you: why does every path I try dry up? Why won’t any of you talk?

You make me laugh, you do. You say you listening, but you ain’t. Not really. One of us whisper something in your ear and you turn away.

You mean that image I keep getting.

You know I do mean just exactly that.

The [] family around the table and the terrible silence.

Didn’t I tell you? You know already. You just don’t like what you know. Last time you come to stay with us was hard. Took a lot out of you. Took a lot out of Hannah, too, but it’s been ten years now for Hannah. She had the time to heal and catch her breath. Get her feet back under her. You got to rush back in. I ain’t surprised you dragging your feet.

Hey. I sit here writing and rewriting every day.

Uhuh. Like a child digging in sand with the tide coming in. Now, don’t you think for one minute I ain’t took note of the fact that you changed the subject. You said something about the [] family around a table and then you turned your back on it.

So I need to start with the []?

I ain’t said that. You the one tapping away, putting the words down. I’ll say this one more time, and you had best take it to heart. You forgot how to listen to us, because you lost your talent for sorrow. You want to tell a happy story, but there’s more going on here. We got happy, sure we do, but that’s just the sugar that makes the medicine go down.

I don’t think that’s it.

No? And here I was thinking you needed help. So what is holding things up?.

There’s just too much story to tell, it’s overwhelming.

Lot of story ain’t never slowed you down before.

That’s true.

Times so much happening so fast, my head like to bust but you sail right along.

Yes, okay. But this time feels different. It feels like–

The end of things.

I suppose.

Look here, you let me get this old. Now you got to show me it was worth it, all this long time, all these words. More than a million words. You got to pull it all together now, I been waiting long enough.

So you’ll finally tell all those secrets you’ve been keeping?

If you writing, I’m telling. Now or never.

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  1. You’re right, the “read more” link is missing. I’ll go fix that now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. I don’t think I commented on this post first time round but for what it’s worth… I like sorrowful, sombre, bittersweet stories. Hannah’s homecoming in Book 4 and the tale of woe that she eventually revealed to Jennet was for me one of the most stirring and memorable parts of the whole series.

    About 10 years ago my Aunt and I came across a photograph of my grandparents taken back in the 60s. They had just retired and gone on a cruise and the shot was of them in their bathers standing next to the ladder of the pool ship, looking incredibly happy and in love after 50 years. I can still see it so clearly. That one photo brought back such a flood of memories and without warning, both of us had hot tears streaming down our faces.

    We all have that bittersweet well inside of us and it needs to be let out occasionally. To me that shared loss strengthens your binds with the living, deepening those relationships. Rare though it is, sometimes I have the same connection with fictional characters.

    Does your sorrow comment relate to Daniel? I thought that was interesting his comment – almost a Jack Nicholson line. Are you ready to handle his story now?

    I can’t speak for other readers but I for one want to hear it. And yes, all of Curioristy’s secrets as well… Elizabeth’s mother’s love affair…has she told you that yet?

  3. Loved this the first time I read it and still do. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Curiosity intimidates me a bit.

  4. I’d like toknow how to see more of your posts. I read the entire intro post about the community story machine on the day it was posted, but today, can’t even see the rest of that to read more of the rules. I hope it’s an easy fix.
    I think you said something about having a technical difficulties post for people to talk tech with you? I don’t know if this is the right place, so I’m posting this here.

  5. Hello? Did you get distracted and forget us, Rosina? I understand – do it all the time! Here’s a little reminder to add the “read more” link. Because I really want to read more!!

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