Mr. Verb

There’s a relatively new weblog about language that I like called Mr. Verb. Mr. Verb (I do wonder about his first name. Auxiliary? Irregular? Modal?) has enough patience to keep track of the Language Police and thus serves as a buffer between them and myself. Long ago I gave up trying to read Safire’s column on language, because really, why subject yourself to such drivel? But Mr. Verb does read Safire and then provides the comments I would provide if I had more patience and weren’t so irritable on the subject.

The only problem over at Mr. Verb’s place is that for some reason his blogger blog comment process doesn’t quite work. So here’s the comment I would have left to today’s post:

My suggestion would be to carry on as you have been, no reason to get all dressed up. I myself tend to wander around the internet in bunny slippers.

How I found your weblog: I use Bloglines to keep track of the weblogs I read regularly, and at the same time bloglines tells me where my own name or weblog url has shown up. Which is how I found you, Mr. Verb.

I am glad to know that you have found English with an Accent useful. It was the crowning piece in my academic career.