more Pajama Jones prep work

I really like the questions and thoughts y’all had when I posted basic information about Julia. Of course I’m not going to answer your questions — this is a delicate process, and I’ve got my characters to protect — but they were useful to me in a variety of ways. So thanks.

Now here’s the same deal for her counterpart.

Name: John Adams Dodge
Home: His father is a JAG lawyer and constitutional scholar, his mother a nurse. Moved from base to base when he was growing up.
Hair & eyes: He looks a lot like his maternal grandfather Papadapolous, who still lives in Greece — very dark hair and eyes, olive complexion.
Height: 6’2″
Favorite foods: doesn’t have any; will eat about anything, and likes to try new things. Rarely finds anything he likes enough to remember what it’s called.
Won’t eat: Doesn’t much care for things that have been pickled, but will make exceptions.
Favorite things to drink: water, beer, wine. He likes Blue Meanies as well.
Favorite Music: talk radio, for its entertainment value
Likes to wear: stuff that doesn’t stand out. Jeans, chinos, etc. Owns a couple very nice, very expensive business suits he doesn’t often wear.
What his living space is like: He’s lived in so many places in the last ten years that he doesn’t think of any particular place as home. His universe center is at his sister’s house in Brooklyn, or with his parents; father currently stationed in Berlin.
Methods of transport: Whatever gets him where he’s going. He likes to drive, has a ten year old Mercedes he bought at an auction and keeps good care of.
Politics: His reading material of choice. Mostly keeps his opinions to himself but as his father’s son, he doesn’t like the current administration.
Magazine subscriptions: None. Reads the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, New Scientist, Economist when he can pick them up.
Favorite Book: He reads a lot of history and biography. Hasn’t re-read anything in a long time.
Favorite TV Show: Baseball.
Favorite Movie of the last few years: The Quick and the Dead
Expression: Slow down.
Movie star crush: As in, I”ll go see anything with . . .: sees pretty much everything that comes out
Pets: Grew up with a mixed breed terrier called Boo, and still misses him.
Creative outlet: John draws.
Favorite Muppet: Maria.
Favorite ice cream: pistachio
Favorite desert: baklava
The thing he’d never do: skip Christmas with his sister and her family
The thing he’s always wanted to do: start a library of his own
Childhood toy that’s still in his room: he has a box of stuff at his sister’s house, including his first baseball mitt, a gift from his grandfather Dodge.

what she does for a living: Julia was the head buyer at Marshall Field in Chicago (bed and table linens and housewares) for seven years. When she came back to Greenbriar she opened a shop called The Well Made Bed. She specializes in high end and antique linens. More than half her sales happen through her website. She has clients all over the world and she’s very successful. She’s president of the Lambert Square Business Cooperative.

what he does for a living: John finds small businesses that interest him and that are in trouble financially. He buys the business, works to reorganize it until it’s profitable, and sells it. The process takes between six and eighteen months, and then he moves on. Many of his projects have been small town bookstores, but he has also bought/fixed/sold businesses as diverse as a dress shop, a corner drugstore, and a drive-in movie theater.


There you have the primary characters, in as much detail as I can provide at the moment.