more on the mangled mathematician

We are still waiting to hear about the MRI. He’s flying high on those Very Good Drugs, except when they wear off, and then he’s miserable until they kick in again.

Here’s a photo from our short stay in Paris, two summers ago. The Mathematician, the Girlchild and Monet. Click for a bigger version, if you are so inclined.

Thanks for all the good wishes, and I’ll post when I have news.

8 Replies to “more on the mangled mathematician”

  1. They look gorgeous. As to the format of your blog, the two storytelling words are now smaller than they were. Is that what you wanted?

  2. I’m sorry about the mathemetician — hope there is good news very soon. I screwed up my shoulder last year and was supposed to have surgery, but they eventually were able to save it with therapy. The situation at your house sounds more serious.

    On another note, I am keeping a lookout for TTTT. It has not shown up in my local stores yet. Will send a note when it does.

    Take care.

  3. The Girlchild is lovely and the Mathematician is a handsome man. A very fine family you have there Rosina! I continue to pray and hope the Doctors continue to provite the Good Stuff for him until something better can be done.
    I hope you guys get through the weekend well.

  4. I think whatever Curiosity has to say will be worth the wait, but wherever it goes I will look forward to the read!

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