more dead letters

Now I ask you: can you come up with a better name for a
who works in the
dead letter office
than Patti Lyle Collins?

to feed your curious minds, information:

No return address Smithsonian magazine, July 2000

Point of No Return: Saving Dead Letters at the Mail Recovery Center Failure magazine

What Happens to Dead Letters at the Post Office?Women were hired by the Post Office Department to work in the Dead Letter Office for a different reason. Postal officials felt that women had better analytical powers than men, and could therefore decipher complicated and confusing addresses far easier. There have been many exceptional letter detectives in the Dead Letter Office. The best of them was Mrs. Patti Lyle Collins, who worked for the Post Office Department at the turn of the century.

This quote from Remembering the Dead an article by James H. Bruns at the National Postal Museum website, Volume 1, Issue 3
July–September 1992.