misbehaving browser

Is anyone having trouble getting this blog to display properly in their browser? Suddenly it doesn’t work in Safari for me, but resolves just fine in IE and Netscape. Please let me know via comments if you’re having problems.


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  1. It behaves kind of strangely for me — always has. The dashed lines disappear and reappear, and I have to set my text size from “smaller” to “medium” to be able to read the side bar. Nothing I can’t deal with. I’m using the newest IE, whatever that is.

  2. Yep. Have been unable to get beyond the starting page the last couple of days. Dunno why. Seems to be working now, though…



  3. Sara,

    The type is somewhat larger tonight than usual. The material on the right side of the page is always too small, infuriatingly so….the right side of your page has the most interesting things on it. Could you make it larger? I LOVE to pop in and read. I appreciate all of your efforts here. Somewhere I look every day.

    Cynthia in Florida


  4. I can try to make it larger, Cynthia, but you should also look under the “View” options on your browser menu — most probably you have the ability to increase font size, to make it more readable for you.

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