Manhattan Island ca 1883: the map

Manhattan, circa 1883
Manhattan, circa 1883

The first companion map for The Gilded Hour is now up, here.  It is also being folded into the new website for The Gilded Hour (as yet not meant for public consumption, but it will be worth the wait, I believe). Little by little I’ll be adding images, newspaper clippings, links and text (usually marked with a small black circle over my original red marker) and other bits and pieces. There will also be very detailed image maps of specific parts of Manhattan.

There won’t be any spoilers, but there may well be information and/or links to excerpts that show up on the maps.  And maybe even a treasure hunt.

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  1. New Karin Slaughter Cop Town. Atlanta during the 1970s. All white police force dealing with change on the force: women, blacks, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals. Not a continuation of either of her other series. Excellent.

  2. asdfg — were you just recommending this novel? Because I have read it, and liked it very much. Not as much as Will Trent, I have to say. But it is excellent.

  3. It’s been a while since I read the Trent ones. She certainly gave him mountains to climb. Still, some of the theme(s) in this one reminded me of Queen of Swords. Also, being a young woman in the ’70s in the south, much of it range true.

    A black man told me that where he grew up in rural eastern NC, probably during the 1950s as a kid, he absolutely must cross the street to avoid being on the sidewalk at the same time as a white woman. That could result in death for him. Really.

  4. Does this interest you with your new book coming out in September?
    The Bookmarks Festival of Books and Authors is held in Downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on the Saturday following Labor Day each year. It is the largest annual book festival in North Carolina and is free and open to the public. Mark your calendar for next year’s Festival on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

    They invite a bunch of writers to participate in talks and signing and stuff. Let’s see, that Lemony Snicket guy, Lisa See, Margaret Maron, Diana Gabaldon, that I remember. Maron noted in her speech that this group treats their writers the best of any that’s she’s worked with. They have a gala the night before and then a bookfair most of the next day. Probably other stuff. They also have stuff going on all year long.

    Anyway, if you’d like I can put your name out there for the hoohaas to consider.

    1. It’s kind of you to offer. Please go ahead, but I’d be surprised if they knocked on my door. Not a big enough name, I fear.

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