mangled mathematician

Mangle is maybe too strong a word, but I wanted alliteration and it’s been a rough couple days.

After five days of steadily increasing pain in his shoulder, the Mathematician finally agreed to see the doctor today, so off we went. About half my day was spent in the waiting room, and the rest was divided up between waiting in line at the pharmacy, and transporting the Girlchild to appointments she couldn’t handle on her own.

Tomorrow I expect we’ll be spending a good part of the day at the hospital because the Mangled Mathematician needs an MRI. They did an EKG in the doctor’s office and it’s not his heart (high on my list of worst case scenarios). It may be a slipped disc. Which would probably mean surgery. Good news: they gave him Real Drugs to help with the pain. As he hasn’t slept in three days, the minute the pain went away he conked out.

How did he slip a disk, you’re wondering. I truly don’t know. But I can tell you that he’s been spending a lot of time sailing and trying to repair the Etchell he co-owns with a friend. This here is an Etchell, a small racing boat. Also, there have been some hikes. And trail clearing. And I believe he played tennis just recently.

The lesson I take from all this: a sedentary life style has a lot to recommend it.

So now I’m going to try to write, but I fear that I may fall asleep fairly soon. Also, I’m feeling disoriented because the puppy boys aren’t here. I sent them off to have an overnight at Sherri’s, so I don’t have to worry about them on top of everything else. But I miss ’em. The little monsters.

Wish us luck.

PS There is a very loud silence out there about Tied to the Tracks. One review on Amazon, and y’all are keeping mostly mum. Right now I’m a little too worn out to obsess about it, but I’ll pick up where I left off once we know what’s going on with the MM.

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  1. My heart goes out to the MM. I know how it is to live in pain (not only from the previously mentioned car accident) but from a cartilige disese (Costochondritis). I hope that the MM is luckier than I have been and they quickly find him some relife other than the FUN DRUGS as my family calls them. The MM will be in my preayers and I hope the Doctors can find the problem and take care of it as soon as possible.

    Kristina Lynn

    PS I have yet to read TTTT. I am hoping to find it waiting for me when we return home for the weekend.

  2. My husband had a couple of herniated discs in his lower spine (think: bulging out of where they’re supposed to be, pressing on nerves, all kinds of fun stuff) and has been off work for a month. He’s almost better now. Good luck to the mathematician and way to go getting an MRI this soon. Our stupid local hospital went the CT route at first, took forever getting us a referral to a specialist, and the MRI was sadly delayed. Until… TODAY.

    I have TTTT coming in the mail from Amazon. I’d hoped to have it by now; if I’d known it was going to take this long I’d have just waited and bought it while we were in the city today. I’ll post a review as soon as I’m done with it.

  3. hope that whatever it is, its easily fixed. I have to wait till August to buy TTTT over here… couldn’t really spend the extra money to buy it from the US. Look forward to any reviews though hope there are no “spoilers” (if they apply to this story).

  4. A diagnosis from your friendly quack: Husband had chronic shoulder pain a few years ago. An out-patient short procedure fixed it – turns out whatever part it was is only needed by monkeys cruising through trees. He’s never noticed the lack, except no more pain.
    I’m anxiously anticipating delivery of TTTT.

  5. Every day I have to stop myself from going to the bookstore to buy TTTT with money I don’t have. I think today I’ll stop by the library to see if they have it. Of course, I probably owe the library a couple of bucks too…

  6. It was such a guilty pleasure to be able to read the ARC of Tied to the Tracks in late March. And a killer to keep silent on it for so long except to say – keep an eye out for the new book in June.
    The characters stayed in my head for the week following my read of it. It was amazing. I really wanted to hear more about them when each chapter ended, so I just kept reading. I couldn’t put it down, in the end. Likeable characters, and an ending that for me, wasn’t neatly tied up in a bow, therefore, I was able to complete the story in my mind. Or beg for a sequel… Anyhoo – congrats on the book publication and now to go get a copy to see how it all worked out after the final edit.

  7. So hard reading everyone’s comments on TTT when it’s not out here yet and I want to support a local bookstore and not buy it on Amazon….My fingers are crossed that whatever the problem with your husband’s shoulder, it is easily fixable without costing too much in time, money, and pain. All the best.

  8. trying to fix his sailboat you say? if he has any problems or questions tell him to feel free to bug, know a thing or two about them.

  9. See I do still come here.
    Cookies would have been nice….
    but they’d have to be virtual ones to get to me :)

  10. I wonder if there is a commercial service, such as a publisher, behind this. Surely she couldn’t read so many books and decide on Number of Genre X Book Recommendations every week.

    Inquiring minds want to know. Is the plural of genre genre or genres?

    Yes, I’d take cookies from you, which you are not sending anyway, but my mama taught me never to take candy or cookies from a stranger.

  11. Why Rosina Lippi!! Why did you even bring it up then if you’re not gonna make us cookies sheesh that’s being a cookie tease if you ask me!!

    As for the site you mentionned, I will have a looksee and asdfg again brings up some good points, how on earth does this woman do all this and bake cookies too!

  12. The Dear Reader list has a connection to M.J. Rose’s Author Buzz, and to Shelf Awareness, and last I heard through Author Buzz, the readers portion of the email list (as opposed to the librarian and bookseller lists) had 330,000 members. Not sure if that’s the DR list itself because the whole connection confuses me!

  13. 1. Cookie recipe link forthcoming
    2. Keziah — thanks, addictive indeed
    3. Alison. Do you think those are paid placements? Because if that’s the case, it should say so clearly on the site.

  14. No cookies? (sniff)

    I joined’s SF list back in 2004 after one of my readers told me that they were excerpting one of my books. I don’t read much SF, but it does give me an idea of what’s being published in the genre. Occasionally they run excerpts from books that have been out for a while (one of their January ’07 selections was Rebel Ice, which hit the shelves a year ago) but for the most part it’s a decent book-preview service.

    Suzanne writes mini-newsletters that comes along with the excerpts for the book of the week. Very upbeat stuff, although it makes me wonder if she’ll ever have a bad day and write something indiscreet like:

    “You still whining about having nothing to read? Don’t you have a life? Can’t you go to the library or something? Okay, fine. Here’s an excerpt from another book you’re too cheap to buy. Go ahead, read it. READ IT.”

  15. I don’t subscribe to such a service. Hadn’t heard of it. On reflection, I prefer the hunt and gather method in deciding what to read. I think it helps me to realize the time it takes to read a book. That is, if I don’t have time to scan bookshelves in a store or a library, I probably don’t have time to read a new book. It’s an excellent filter at the moment.

  16. I have no input on the book thing, but I wanted to say that every time I’ve come here to see if you’ve posted something new I think of internet/computer cookies first and then remember that you are talking about edible cookies. I know you are such a techno geek that I assumed you were talking about computer cookies the first time I read your post, and I’ve clearly never adjusted my thinking adequately since then.

  17. I have been a subscriber to Suzanne’s service for a few years now and love it!
    I have joined the Mystery, Fiction and very recently the Romance (guilty pleasure there!).
    I have list of the books I’d like to go and read but haven’t made much of a dint in it yet.

    It hands to me on a platter books I would not necessarily pick up in the Library which is great and if I’m not enjoying one week’s book I simply delete the emails.

    I would and have recommended to people.


  18. I’ve been reading Suzanne’s stuff for a while, it’s nice to get the excerpts of newer books. There are other sites that give excerpts as well but not as long as hers. She always gives part of the title in her subject line, so if you haven’t liked what you’ve read so far you can easily delete the message w/o even opening it. She’s got several ‘genres’ of books too.

    That said, one of these dazeI’m going to find the time to read your newest books; it’s behind my bed waiting to be opened….

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