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Jeanne alerted me to the Library Journal review for Queen of Swords, which had somehow slipped by unnoted. Here it is:

Library Journal

The latest volume in Donati’s popular Bonner family series opens where Fire Along the Sky (2004) left off, with Luke Bonner’s wife, Jennet, a captive of a renegade priest in the Caribbean. Luke and his half-sister, Hannah, rescue Jennet, but soon realize that she had to give up her newborn son, named Nathan after his grandfather, to keep him safe. The Bonners track Nathan to New Orleans, where he has been adopted by the matriarch of a prominent Creole family and her profligate grandson. Finding Nathan isn’t difficult, but keeping him and avoiding the ire of the Poiterin family is, and the Bonners soon find themselves caught up in the wartime politics of 1814 New Orleans. As with the previous books in the series, Donati treats her characters with sensitivity and does not shy away from tackling thorny themes, such as racial relations between Native Americans and whites during the early 18th century. This fast-paced, engaging book is sure to draw in readers. Highly recommended. Nanette Donohue, Champaign P.L., IL

I’ll take a ‘highly recommended’ any day — and with a smile. However, I have to point out that there are a few factual innacuracies here. Anybody pick them out? If so, please post a comment.

Which means: WARNING. Possible spoilers in the comments.

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  1. Rosina
    The review was just missing the last letter of each line on my computer (which could be my problem not yours). Saw my first copy of QOS in my local bookshop here in Leura, Aust, yesterday! It’s a big trade paperback and looks so striking among all the new releases!

  2. How can 1814 be in the 18th century. As for Jennet and Luke being married, not so much. Last time I looked grandpa was named Nathaniael not Nathan. Thats it for me.

  3. Darn Carolyn S spoke up before me, I agree with the Nathan and Nathaniel part, they were not married yet and the whole 1814 and 18th century, anything else I didn’t catch yet…

  4. Spoiler alert!

    I thought the same thing – 1814 is in the 19th Century. The renegade priest, wasn’t a priest at all. Luke and Jennet weren’t married at that point. The babe was named after his grandfather Nathaniel, but the family called him Nathan so as not to confuse the two. The Creole family did not adopt Nathan as they seriously thought he was theirs……..

  5. l was in Kmart yesterday(thursday) and looking at the books here in melbourne australia.
    Guess what l saw the Queens of Swords book and l thought it wouldn’t be out until november.
    l was thinking of buying the book and not buying the book,because the danielle steel book HRH book was out as well.
    l decided to buy the Queens of Swords book and was happy to get it.

  6. As Keziah mentioned, it happens to me too, every time you insert a text some letters or entire word at the end of each line are missing. If I copy and past in a Word document I get the complete text.

    All the inaccuracies I found have been mentioned above.

    I also highly recommended the book.

  7. Wasn’t the war in 1812 not 1814? The 19th Century not the 18th Century. At the end of Fire along the Sky Jennet & Luke weren’t officially married but I guess in the eyes of some because they had had a baby technically they were considered married if not legally. Also Jennet & Luke’s baby was named after Nathanial but so there wouldn’t be any confusion it was decided he would be called Nathan even though his birth name was Nathanial.

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