letter from Win

I get some lovely mail from readers, but I think Win has to be one of my favorites. Here’s an email that came a couple days ago:

Hi Sara, It’s Win again, It’s some time now, since I last wrote, infact 13 months to be exact. I’m hoping to encourage you into more writing. I last wrote saying how I had enjoyed the 3 books I have so far.
I was 73 at the time and had asked the Dear Lord to grant me a few more years to enjoy your books,
Well he must have heard my call, as the past 6 months, has seen me in and out of Hospital with heart problems, but I’m still here ( must have been the vitamin tablets you advised me to take ) ( smile )

I am now 75 years old, and have just been made a great grandmother for the 16th time. How proud I am.
A lot of my time now is spent reading, and I love my books dearly.

How are you going with THUNDER AT TWILIGHT???????I have been into the shops a few times looking for it, but to no avail. I hope everything is going well your way, and your health is good I think I’ll have to start on the first book again INTO THE WILDERNESS, that’s the best thing about getting old, one can often pick up a book and read it a second time, not quite remembering everything the first time
So just look what you have to look forward too.
All the best with your work and take care
WIN [d].

I wrote to Win and gave her the information she wanted. I’ll also enter her name in the drawing for a signed advance reader copy of Fire Along the Sky. In fact, I’ll enter it twice, and I’ll do the same for anybody else with sixteen great grandhchildren.