laid up

Do you use that phrase? He was laid up for a week with back trouble.
It feels very old fashioned to me, but I do use it.  For example: I have been laid up for a couple days after minor surgery.


I’m perfectly well, but for the last two days I really wasn’t able to concentrate on very much. However,  one of the things I *can* do when my mind is muddled with high-quality dope (via the anesthesiologist) is website stuff. So I upgraded the software to the most recent version and of course, voila, the formatting fell apart.  Then I spent a lot of time staring owlishly  at the screen and henpecking my way through the overhaul. I normally type really well, but not so much when I’m woozy headed.

Aside: Did you notice that you can’t take ‘typing’ anymore at school? Now you take ‘keyboarding.’  Of course this change has to do mostly with the fact that everybody with a computer has to be able to type, at least a little, and therefore, most schools have some kind of required technology class that focuses on ‘keyboarding.’ We had to change the name to make it acceptable to 15 year old boys (and their fathers) who didn’t want to think of themselves as typists. This is also true of many women who were told (as I was) to never admit that you could type, or you’d be relegated to secretarial work for your whole career. But keyboarding is okey-dokey.

End aside.

My hope was to make it look as much like it was as possible, with the better software structure underneath. I know you’ll tell me what doesn’t work (asdfg, I’m looking at you).

I’ll also point out that the little index card is moved over to the right. And that there’s news on the index card that may not make you happy. I’m not happy about it, myself.

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  1. Please make the graph paper background go away. Hope that is just temporary.
    Feel better soon!

  2. Hope you’ll feel better soon — and, yes, not happy about the book news — but what can you do?! At least we know it’s written — that’s better than having to wait for that, too!

    Yeah, we use the phrase “laid up” around here — but you don’t hear it as much as you once did.

  3. The check(up) is in the (e)mail!

    Here, when we’re laid up it’s that we’ve had to go to bed and hold still, like with the flu or a broken leg or back spasms.

    At 14 I taught myself to touch type. But I made sure after undergrad that I kept those skills hidden until computers became important and the associated typing skills became gender neutral. Being able to take dictation at the keyboard (with eyes closed to mask out extraneous sensory stimulation) to expedite an MBA project wowed my group members!

  4. Well, if you have to be laid up, at least they’re giving you the high quality “stay put” medicine! It is VERY sad that the wait is longer, but on the other hand, knowing that it’s the last book in the series, it’s just that much longer to live in that world without knowing the end, right?

  5. I used to think I’d missed out on something special by not taking typing class in high school. I guess I was on the cusp of it being called “keyboarding.” Given how much practice I get in typing now, I’m glad I didn’t waste my credits on that class.

  6. Nonense, that book would sell no matter what! Maybe you can forward them the hundreds of inquiries you get asking “when when when will the book be out!!?” each day. I always thought once you had a successful series it would be assumed each book would do as well as the last. Who, that’s read all 5 books, would skip the 6th?!

  7. Ye gorry! It hasn’t been that long since I was last here, and lo, the blog has morphed again!

    I’m not wild about the background either, but the biggie technical issue for me is the “Digg etc.” bar is sometimes so close to the “continue” link on older posts that it gets in the way when the mouse rolls over it.

    (I also expect that “keyboarding” encompasses “using a mouse,” which is a skill that can be surprisingly difficult for inexperienced users to master. Also surprising is the number of people who even today insist on treating a computer as some kind of fancy-pants typewriter, use a hard return at the end of each line, add five spaces at the beginnings of paragraphs, and lay out tables with spaces … and I’m getting a headache already here.)

    In other news, the Kindle 2.0 was just announced, so your thoughts/post on the Kindle are eagerly anticipated.

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