Kerrie has a question that you might be able to answer AND a giveaway

A question submitted to the FAQ page by Kerrie: she likes the Wilderness series, can anybody suggest similar novels/novelists?

To make this more worth your while, I have a hardcover of one of my books that I’ll send to someone whose name I draw at random a couple weeks from now.  One thing: I’ve already recommended the Outlander books, so let’s not repeat that suggestion.



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  1. Since Outlander was already recommended I’d go with A Discovery of Witches novels 1-3. It’s a paranormal/historical novel which also incudes time travel, romance, suspense and violence. I’m on book 2 and I’m hooked.

  2. I would suggest the Catherine LeVendeur series by Sharan Newman. Really good historical fiction (medieval France) with some romance.

  3. I have to say that I can’t think of a single author that compares with Sara Donati (Rosina Lippi) and the Wilderness Series. I read several books a month and have read the Wilderness Series multiple times and have never found another series that compares it to. Sara’s writing style is wonderful and sweeps you right into the story. You just want to know what happens next! I’ve become a more sophisticated reader and stick with authors of the same caliber like: Elizabeth Chadwick, Anya Seton, Daphne DuMarier, Jean Plaidy, Margaret George, etc.

  4. Petzi I take it that “Celia Garth” should also not be mentioned?

    Then I suggest “Flight of the Sparrow” by Amy Belding Brown. Or possibly “Follow the River” by James Alexander Thom.

  5. I must add to my comment above that I wish everyone would stop comparing the Wilderness Series with the Outlander. I gave the Outlander Series a good try, but just couldn’t get through it. I found that I didn’t care about the characters like I did the Bonners (and Nathaniel would never beat Elizabeth) and I didn’t find Claire to be genuine and caring like Elizabeth. I agree with Petzi that Celia Garth and Follow the River are great suggestions. Also John Jakes books are good, but can get a little boring with the history detail.

    1. I discovered the Outlander books as “methadone” for the Wilderness series. I enjoy both very much but my heart will always belong to Nathaniel. :-)

  6. Susanna Kearsley would be my pick. Specifically, The Rose Garden. The books aren’t exactly similar but they’re very good.

  7. Hmm my tastes are so eclectic that it’s hard for me to think of another author/novel that is similar to the wilderness series.
    I read The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. It’s a historical love story and it’s a trilogy. I liked it, but the characters didn’t grip me as much as Elisabeth and Nathaniel.

  8. Can I recommend my own trilogy? After reading these books and the Outlander books until all the covers were worn, I decided to attempt my own book … and Penguin published all three. “Under the Same Sky” is the first, then “Sound of the Heart”, then “Somewhere to Dream”. All are Historical Fiction (18th century; Scotland and the colonies) with just a touch of the paranormal …

  9. Sharon Kay Penman, read her novel ‘Here Be Dragons.’ The story captured me so much I had to research the history and discover how much of it was true. It can be read as a stand alone book, or you can continue into her other books (Here Be Dragon is book one of the Welsh Princes Trilogy). She weaves a great spell with much blue blood historical detail!

  10. I second Susanna Kearsely, but also recommend some young adult fiction, Laurie Halse Anderson with her Chains and two follow up books and Jennifer Donnelly, ANorthern Light specifically takes place in upstate NY.

  11. haha I love how Jennifer ^^ above says she wishes everyone would stop comparing Outlander to the Wilderness Series, then goes on to compares them.
    I am a HUGH fan of Outlander & am a member of a few of their fan pages & I can tell you the same thing is going on over there.
    Whenever people ask for book recommendations the Wilderness series features prominently in the responses, especially by me.
    I really love both series.

  12. The past winter I’ve had my head in several series of books by Bodie Thoene. She writes exciting historical fiction. The books I’ve been reading are WWII timeframe in Europe and the Middle East. I love those regions and she brings to life my historical roots. I recommend Thoene’s books highly!

  13. Barbara Hamby: Benjamin January series. 1830s, mostly in New Orleans. January is a free black doctor/musician. Mysteries in the racially divided US and Caribbean islands.
    Ariana Franklin: Adelia Aguilar/A Mistress of the art of death series. Adelia is a Jewish doctor specializing in causes of death in Henry II’s England. This series is at an end, since Franklin died a couple of years ago.
    Naomi Novik: Temeraire series: Fantasy fiction Napoleonic war times. Captain Will Laurence and his dragon Temeraire fight Napoleon’s evil all over the world.

    Since I have all of your books, please omit my name from the drawing.

    1. I’d second the Ariana Franklin novels, they are wonderful and sadly only a few since the death of the author

  14. Yes, I agree about Follow the River. Grim, but a great read. About two women of courage who overcome an amazing amount of adversity. I’m always on the lookout for books which are as entertaining and engrossing as the Wilderness series. I appreciate the tips.

  15. Glad to see so many good recommendations because I have nothing. I often contemplate this question as well and can never think of anything. (I also often want to read more books like The Bronze Horseman ie. WW2 epic romance but can never find anything that quite meets my criteria, so if anyone has other suggestions for that ……). I am also in the “loved the Wilderness books, couldn’t get into Outlander” camp. I think Rosina’s writing is better so am not sure if that is why. Also, a love story built upon the premise of infidelity, hmmm think my Methodist roots kind of reject that.

  16. That is really a tough one. There are some books listed above that I’ve read and enjoyed but none are quite like the Widlerness series or Outlander. Barbara Erskine’s Lady of Hay and The Phoenix have the time travel element in it, and are set in medieval Wales, but they really don’t have the great chemistry and banter that I see between the main characters of the Widlerness series. I think that’s what makes these books, along with a thumping great plot.

  17. I’m working on reading all the novels by Janice Holt Giles – they are historical novels for the most part, and I think they would appeal to fans of the Wilderness series. I’ve especially enjoyed her books set during the early days of the settling of Kentucky – Hannah Fowler being by far my favorite. I think I’ve read it 3 times now, and I will definitely read it again. It is a shame she isn’t more well known, I’ve not read a book by her that wasn’t good!

  18. how can I thank you all, im so excited about reading somemore great books. problem is I think I started with series first. looking forward to your bext book Rosina.

  19. I found the Wilderness series through Outlander and stayed because I fell in love with the words. I just absolutely love the way the words pull you down into the story. So my suggestion has more to do with how the words draw you in and paint such a vivid picture than the type of novel. Ms. Lippi’s own ‘Tied to the Tracks’ and ‘The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square’ are great reads. In that same vein, I would suggest anything by author Joshilyn Jackson, in particular ‘Between, Georgia’ and ‘A Grown-up Kind of Pretty’. None of these four books are historical but the way the words are put together, the pictures they paint, and the people they shape are some of my very favorites of all time.

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