Kate Reading reading ITW

orange boxesKate is the lovely voice and strong narrative presence between the unabridged audio releases of the WIlderness novels. There are many different ways to get ahold of the books on audio, everything from instant download (Audible.com) to cd and cassette.

BooksonTape produced the audio versions, and now they’ve got a new feature on their website. I’m going to test it here. You should be able to click on this button and hear an excerpt of Kate reading Into the Wilderness. Edited to add in the other four novels, as this seems to work quite well.

Let me know what you think, please.

Into the Wilderness:

Dawn on a Distant Shore:

Lake in the Clouds:

Fire Along the Sky:

Queen of Swords:

4 Replies to “Kate Reading reading ITW”

  1. Very pleasant reading voice. Just outa curiousity, how long does it take ta read( on average)? Or let me put it another way, if I was a passenger in a car driving west from New York travelling approximately 60 miles an hour..(kidding)

  2. Very pleasant voice. I love listening to the audibook after I’ve read the book. I just upload them to my Ipod and I have them wherever I go. Can’t wait to get The Wilderness series in audibook. Love that it’s an unabridged version too.

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