just a quick note re: books

So late at night when my brain is fried from writing and I can’t sleep, I have been putting books into the Bookpedia database (which lives on my computer) and also exporting them as I go to my LibraryThing library. (And there’s a profile, too.)

I’m maybe half way done putting in books. A ton of history and reference still to be added, a lot of children’s books, a few bushels of novels, more fiber art, and all of the mathematician’s books. Also, one not so great thing: LT doesn’t allow you to chose among editions, which I find quite disconcerting. But it’s new, and the developer is working like mad on various features.

But LibraryThing is serious fun. Okay, serious geekish fun. Check out the Zeitgeist page and the tags, but only if you’re prepared to spend some time.