jolt! wow! Jolt. wow. + Shakespeare, Hemingway and the Unibomber

It’s hard to concentrate on writing while the Mathematician is pacing, so I’ve tried to fix the formatting problems here. I had to start from scratch with a fluid template (if you don’t know what that is, never mind, really, the details are boring). What that means is, everybody should be able to see everything, both columns, and to resize your browser screen without losing anything. The screen cap to the left is what you should be seeing.

There is a style contest going on over at Movable Type, and the base template I am using was an entry there called Fleur.

Sorry to ask again for help, but could you let me know how this is showing up for you, and what browser you’re using?

And as a small offering, as I have nothing of real interest to share today beyond more mangled mathematician stories, here:

Jim Trelease is a reading education specialist and a very smart guy. The quote in the upper right hand column is from him, with a link to his website. On his website there is also an interesting article which considers a great question: how would Shakespeare, Hemingway, and others well established in the literary canon be graded on the new SAT essays?

Not that the answer is a surprise. But it’s still very sobering, the mess we’ve got when it comes to evaluating how ready kids are for college.