it happened one night x 4

Next October there’s an anthology coming out called It Happened One Night, written by Stephanie Laurens, Candice Hern, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Mary Balogh.

The reason this really caught my attention was the was they went about setting up this project. The idea started with Mary Balogh:

It has always been my theory that if a number of authors were given exactly the same plot premise, they would proceed to write stories quite different from one another. That is what the four of us have done in this anthology. We agreed upon certain plot elements–a man and a woman who have not seen each other for ten years find themselves at the same inn for twenty-four hours.

I love this kind of thing, comparing approaches and mindsets and tones. Am I being a geek, or a connoisseur?

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  1. It’s fascinating. Geek or otherwise, alternate endings can be very popular in all mediums. Love it.

  2. I love that kind of thing, too. But I am a definite nerd (though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a geek). It actually makes me want to write the story myself!

  3. I love this idea, kudos to Mary Balogh! I am with Beth on it makes me want to write the story myself! I’m looking forward to the anthology!

  4. I think this is very interesting. during your work shop I loved reading other peoples entries to see what they had done with the same characters that i had to choose from.

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