Into the Wilderness Reading Guide

Book groups like reading guides. They like the structure, the questions, the background information because those things increase the possibility of a good meeting and discussion. Homestead, Tied to the Tracks and Pajama Girls all have reading guides, but none of the Wilderness books do.

If anybody has an idea for a good question for ITW (not all the novels, just the first), please let me know in the comments. I’m trying to put a quick guide together. If I use one of your questions, of course I’ll give you credit for it. Also, if you have an idea for something that should be in this reading guide, please speak up. A particular map? Historical background?

I’m not sure I’ll have time to do much extra fancy stuff this time, but I do plan to do a bigger, more complete guide for the re-release in the fall.

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  1. Can’t find my copy to read your notes. I wonder whom I’ve lent it to. If you didn’t put these in the notes, then ….
    In writing ITW, Sara Donati thought “What would happen if these 2 authors’ kinds of characters met.” Who are those authors? The opening scene of ITW is a tribute to one of them. What novel inspired this scene?

  2. Where do you get reading guides? just ask at a local book store? searched on amazon but didn’t see anything.

  3. The reading guides for Tied to the Tracks and Pajama Girls are on the Scribd documents page — click on ‘excerpts, short stories, etc’ in the menu bar above. I have to search out the Homestead one. When I find it, it will also be on Scribd.

  4. What is Elizabeth’s driving force behind starting a school?

    Does Elizabeth have more male or female traits as dictated by the social standards of the time?

    Describe some prejudices found within Paradise.

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