in which paperback writer goes off on a riff

Lynn Viehl  is one of the few people who can make me laugh out loud with her blog posts. An excellent example is her Ten Things I Hate About Your Antagonist.

Five words sum up the antagonist’s ambitions: “I will destroy the world.”

Oh yeah? Here’s seven more: Afterward, where are you going to live?

2 Replies to “in which paperback writer goes off on a riff”

  1. I learned about her site from your blog a while ago. I’ve been following it ever since and have enjoyed her humor. The helpful writerly bits too.

  2. After reading that quote, I’m having Buffy flashbacks.

    Angelus decides he wants to destroy the world and Spike has a nice monologue about how vampires talk big about ending the world, when really they are rather attached to it and everything it contains (people as walking happy meals was one of the examples he gave).

    I loved the rest of that list as well.

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