In which I confess to a terrible weakness.

I have a real weakness for fonts. Sometimes I’ll look at a font face demo and go all squishy. Why? Why? Telling myself I don’t need the font is silly. I know I don’t need it. It would be wasteful and self indulgent to buy this font: Sigmund Freud’s handwriting. 

Oh, but look at it.

Sigmund Freud, oh my
Sigmund Freud, oh my

Money is tight and will get tighter, so $55 for the Sigmund Freud font set: Nope. Really not.  

The question is, other women lust after shoes. Not me. I own four pairs of shoes and two purses, and I’m fine with those numbers. But these fonts? 

Sigmund is relatively inexpensive, compared to Dear Sarah who would put me back $119. But look at her. Just look at the trembling extended arms, like a gently aging prima ballerina. 

Dear Sarah font.

Thus my confession, but please know: I have not bought any of these fonts. Self discipline and financial stability are my watchwords.  I will also confess that I stopped at admitting to two font-crushes. There are more. And there are some that cost many, many more times what even Sarah demands for her presence in your digital life. 


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  1. Decades ago I took a calligraphy class and enjoyed it quite a lot. Sadly, I don’t remember how to write like that anymore although I think I still have the instruction book and pen in the fruit cellar.

    Personally, I like “Adorn” and “Garden Grown” myself. It’s a shame that actual handwriting is going out of fashion, I love looking at old documents and seeing how beautiful people used to write. Now it looks like a cat spilled an ink bottle and walked over the paper.

    1. There are a few people around with good handwriting but you’re right, they are rare. I’ll have to go look up those fonts you mention.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that money is tight for you. I was hoping that you were making millions from your wonderful Sara Donati novels. I love them!!!

    1. Most authors don’t make a huge amount of money from their books. It’s a rarity to be able to write full time and still keep your head above water. I do pretty well, in comparison, but the 2008 crash hit us hard, as it did so many. And the Mathematician’s work is dependent on grants, which are very unreliable these days.

      We are better off than many. The silly things I’d like to have are really no terrible sacrifice.

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