in spite of the distribution woes (or because of them)

Right now Queen of Swords is at Number Nine (yes, number nine) on the bestselling historical fiction list at Amazon. I’m not sure if the link will work, but here’s the page. Note: it’s 249 on the overall list of books, which means everything from the most recent diet book to comic books.

No reader reviews up yet — in case you’ve got a spare five minutes.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve just finished reading Queen of Swords and though it had a different focus from the other books in the series (which I absolutely love!), I really enjoyed it. Well done, the historical detail is amazing, and I was really pleased with the ending.It’s a great story, full of adventure and characters we’ve come to love as well as some new ones. I must say, I missed Elizabeth and Curiosity and the rest of Paradise, but I understand we get to see them again. Soon I hope!

    I absolutely love the series and have read them countless times. Each time I seem to find something new or at least, feel like I’m being welcomed back by an old friend. Keep them coming!

    Katie from Australia

  2. Hi Sara! As always I look forward to reading your new book! Can I ask a quick question that is unrelated though? I have often wondered why authors sometimes choose to write in their own name as well as with a pen-name, while making it public that they are both persons. Ex. yourself and Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb. Do you mind if I ask your reason behind it? I’m just curious!

    Again best of luck with the new book!

    Jamie O.

  3. Rosina, I wrote a short review of QOS and tried to post it at Silly me. I have never purchased a thing through the Internet. So, I could not post my review.

  4. Rosely — you did something right, because your review is up. Many thanks. The first few reviews always make me nervous, because snipers can jump right in there for the sole purpose of causing harm front and center. Which does happen — I’ve seen it, though not with my books.

  5. Number 1:family saga, Number 3: Fiction, Number 10: Historical, Number 14: Romance.
    Not bad for only three days in the market, hah!

  6. SPOILER in here for anyone reading who hasn’t read QOS yet

    Just to say I couldn’t wait for someone to buy me the book for Christmas so I treated myself to QOS at the weekend and will finish it tonight as soon as I get through the door from work. (I daren’t bring it to work or I’d never get anything of my job done).
    I am absolutely loving the book – cried my eyes out when Hannah got Elizabeth’s letter telling her that Nathaniel and Bears were on their way.
    Also Rosina, I was thinking there is so much adventure in this story, you must have had a lot more that you had to leave out – how on earth did you manage to bring yourself to do it? Those characters must have been fighting to get their stories out.
    Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the book and look forward to more …. (please?)

  7. I finished QOS in about two days. I have been waiting with excitment for this book to come out and I couldn’t have been more pleased! Every time I go to read one of these novels, I get completely wrapped up and taken into another world. I felt anxious, anger, hope, joy and many other feelings while reading this novel. I got chills when Nathaniel and Bears arrived and Hannah ran to them. I love these novels. I wish I could just continue on reading about this family for a long long time to come. Thank you very much for creating such an amazing family, and such an amazing series!!!

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