if you want a signed copy of the new book (or an old one)

I have had a lot of email lately regarding signed copies of Fire Along the Sky, so I checked in with Village Books, and here’s the skinny:

Village Books would be happy to take credit card orders over the phone, at which time they’ll arrange to have the book signed (by me) when I read there tomorrow (or really anytime; I live ten minutes away) and mailed to you.

1210 Eleventh Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Tel: (360) 671-2626
Fax: (360) 734-2573

They do have an on-line order form, but it’s pretty slow in my experience and it’s probably more efficient to just telephone.

Shipping costs in the continental US: five bucks. They have the rest of my books in stock too, in softcover, if there’s any interest. Shipping, etc, would have to be discussed with them directly, but this is something they do all the time.

If you do call them to reserve a copy of FaS, make sure to say how you want it signed — if you want it personalized, or if my signature alone will do. For purposes of collection it’s best not to have the book personalized, but I’m happy to write whatever you want. Within reason.

I’m in the middle of writing a very big and complicated scene with too many people, but I’m going to go back and dive in again.