I really should have paid more attention

I did an email interview with a reporter from our local paper, which ran today as I am reading/signing at Village Books tonight.

The tone is a little more candid than I would have hoped for, because I answered the email questions in a hurry, as I remember now, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room with the mathematician. It didn’t occur to me (and it should have) that my answers might show up word for word.

Here’s the link, if you care to have a look. As is always the case with newspaper links, it is free now but won’t be in a week or so.

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  1. I think it was actually a very good article. It didn’t seem to me that you were rushing through. I haven’t read the book yet and I was a little scared that there were going to be tiny spoilers in the answers and I am glad there wasn’t. I thought the interview was good and don’t think many people will notice it isn’t what you would have liked it to be.

  2. I’m with Elissa; I think it was very insiteful and mostly gave a great window into your research and how you collect bits and make them into ideas, then into characters. It gave me goose bumps when you talked about useing bits of loved ones in your books to keep them with you. If I could write, I would too.

  3. I’m with the others on this. Had I not been a member of the Rosina club already you would have gotten me with that interview. The way you speak about the characters just makes me want to know them and their differences.

  4. I like the article quite a lot. I think it shows your true nature as a peson, not at all to candid of an interview. Speaking of you own family in the interview shows that you have a good connection with them.

  5. It’s all good,always somthin ya wish ya could have said different.Well maybe not always…for ME,yes,you,every now and again…shoulda stopped at”It’s all good”

  6. It came across much like your discussions on the web – maybe it’s all rubbing together. But that’s ok – candid seems to be the nature of magazine and newspaper articles these days, where someone is interviewed (where I am, anyway). Perhaps you weren’t thrilled to see family members’ names listed in the paper? I could see where that might be too personal and candid.

  7. I agree with the others.. It sounded great to me.. I am even more excited to read this book!

    And if you need any thing from SC let me know.. I live in SC and would be glad to send you any info. you need. :)

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