book trailers

Early last month I saw Marta Acosta’s blog post about a book trailer contest. I didn’t give it much thought. Or at least, I tried to put it out of my head. But eventually I sat down and played with this idea I had. And the result (eventually) was a two minute book trailer. In a fit of courage I uploaded it, and then took it down again. Now the deadline’s coming up, and I decided to go ahead. I don’t expect to win anything, but I did have fun doing this. I just uploaded it to YouTube tonight.

The idea, if you didn’t go over and read about it on Marta’s weblog, is simple. You pick a classic novel (Marta’s definition is pretty flexible) and put together a two minute book trailer that convinces people to read the book. Or you can go in the opposite direction, because there are prizes for the best bad book trailer.

People who have been reading this weblog for a while won’t be surprised that I did a book trailer for Gone with the Wind. It will be very clear that I’m just a hobbyist. But an earnest one.