I am The Handmaid's Tale

I have confessed elsewhere my weakness for quizzes. Usually I can keep the results to myself, but this one made me laugh out loud.

Handmaid's TaleYou’re The Handmaid’s Tale!
by Margaret Atwood
An outraged feminist, you have been oppressed and even silenced in
your life, fueling your fury against the society as it stands. Your role has been
strictly defined by society and you are almost certainly unsatisfied with it. You
have some vague idea of how this has come to be, but insufficient power to stop it,
let alone reverse the trend. And somehow you blame yourself for everything because
people ask you to. Beware people renaming your nation a Republic.

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Aside: I met Margaret Atwood in London when we were both there for the Orange Prize festivities a few years ago. Neither one of us won, but all the nominees got along well behind the scenes. Margaret will live forever in my memory for her performance (while the photographers were busy with somebody else) of Frost’s A Road Less Travelled to the tune of “Fernando’s Hideaway”. Correction: that should be Hernando, not Fernando; thanks, Ter.