Homestead and the Orange Prize


PEN/Hemingway Award; Short-listed for Britain’s Orange Prize and available as a Kindle edition at Amazon.

When Homestead was shortlisted for Britain’s Orange Prize this poster (below) was seen in bookshop windows all over England, something I completely forgot. I do remember the whole Orange Prize extravaganza, which was very mardi-gras like, right in the middle of London. There were men in peacock costumes on stilts, and acrobats overhead, and very nice canapés. And a £50,000 prize, which apparently I came very close to getting. 

My parents-in-law put the poster up on their wall back then, and it’s still there now. I couldn’t figure out how to get it home at the time and only vaguely remembered it, so the Mathematician took a photo  while he was visiting his mother.*

So for posterity’s sake, here it is.

While we’re talking, I’d like to thank everybody who has taken the time and energy to write to me and/or to post positive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and similar places for all the various novel-y things I’ve got out there. Every little bit helps.


*He also took a photo of this mosaic tray I made for one of his parent’s anniversaries, maybe fifteen years ago. Turned out pretty well, I think. Click for a bigger image.