Hola, Pajama Girls

EDITED TO ADD: This post should answer part of Judy’s question.

The Mathematician is in England, because his father had to have open heart surgery. That was a few days ago and he is doing very well, so much of the tension and worry is gone. Also, the computer is back and working perfectly. Except (you knew this was coming) things did get lost.

I worked really hard to keep my updates current and everything backed up, but when I restored the hard drive it turned out that some things did slip through the cracks. A few documents are gone  — not book six, but the most recent finished chapter, which made me hyperventilate for oh, a day or so. And a lot of email. There’s a huge gap between December 2 and January 8, and maybe earlier than that. I haven’t got to the bottom of the problem yet.

If I remember correctly, the following things are waiting to go out: the ARC of Pajama Girls; the pile of American history books along with some of my novels; the two LibraryThing giveaways (books, memberships, etc). There may well be other things. If you are one of the people who are waiting to receive things from me, please email me at rosinalippi@pobox.com and tell me (a) what you’re waiting for and (b) your mailing address.

By way of apology, I can send all of you patient people a surprise, because today three boxes of t Pajama Girls of Lambert Square landed on my doorstep.  I’ll send a copy out with the other things that are so late.

Now, if you aren’t one of those people, how do you get a copy of Pajama Girls? It’s a full month until the pub date, after all. Three possibilities:

1. Sign up for the WIN IT AND READ IT BEFORE YOU CAN BUY it contest. I’ll be pulling five names at random over the next three weeks. Two of those winners will also get to pick out a pair of Goody-Goody bonbon slippers. You can sign up here.

2. On Monday I’ll be announcing a bigger contest, one that should be a lot of fun. You could win a copy of the novel that way, along with some other goodies.

3. To celebrate the arrival of the Pajama Girls, I’m giving away two copies right now. Today. Leave a comment here and your name will be in the hat. I’ll draw two winners tomorrow morning about 8 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time), and as soon as I get the mailing info, those two books will go out.