here's an idea. maybe not workable, but an idea

I get email all the time from people in the UK and Australia/NZ (and other places, too) saying they can’t find copies of the Wilderness books, and do I have any suggestions?

The problem is, I don’t. It’s as frustrating for me as it is for them. No, wait. It’s almost certainly more frustrating for me.

Except I had an idea today, which may or may not work. Here’s the question for you: If it were possible to purchase the first four Wilderness books in paperback and/or Queen of Swords in hardcover, all signed, and have them sent to you the slow way, would people be interested in that?

As you see here, I can order the four paperbacks from Amazon for a total of $23.41 (this is a special deal which won’t last forever; when it’s over the price for all four will go up to close to $30). If I place the order, the books appear at my door nicely packaged. I could then open the package and sign the books, tape it all back together, put a new mailing label on it, and drop it off at the post office.

I estimate the box would weigh five pounds, so mailing cost (parcel post, 4-6 weeks):

Great Britain $24.25
Australia $22.75
Greece $19.25
Ontario Canada $16.00
The Republic of Georgia $23.25

and so on.

Queen of Swords would be $19.32, plus shipping. If all five books were in one package, with an estimated weight of seven pounds, that would be $28.45 to England.

I wouldn’t add any additional charges or handling fees, but it’s still not cheap. If you live in England and you want the four signed paperback books, we’re talking $47.66; for the paperbacks plus the new hardcover, a whopping $71.18. Australia would be a little less. And once the three for one deal is over at Amazon, you’d have to add on another $7.50. So the big question: is this worth talking about? And if there is enough interest, how in the heck would I handle the money end of it?


Back to work.