HBO + Lehane

Here’s an article I read this morning in the Seattle Times about the writing staff for HBO’s series The Wire. (Be aware please that the link won’t last long). The Wire‘s producers are bringing more novelists onto the writing staff, specifically Dennis Lehane and Richard Price. While I really like the series and I am in awe of Lehane, the key paragraph for me is this:

“This show prides itself on being a haven for writers who are committed to storytelling, regardless of the medium, just as HBO is a haven for anyone in television who is trying to tell stories in a different way,” series creator David Simon says.

This is why HBO is so successful at putting together quality programming. This is the key, and they’ve got it. Hats off to them, and may it long continue. Now, if only (1) HBO would pick up Farscape and fund it appropriately; and (2) they knocked on my door to ask me to sit in on the writing sessions… my gawd. What else could a storyteller ask for?

The Wire is great stuff, and bound to get better with George Pelecanos as the story editor, a writing staff like this, and people like Lehane and Price coming on board.