Having trouble commenting? Two fixes. I hope.

subscribeI think I’ve identified the problem some people are having with  leaving comments.  It seems that the only time this is a problem is when people are on a mobile phone using a browser.  The weblog is set up to be mobile-responsive, but clearly that isn’t working for some people.

Joelle has run into this and worked out a solution:

I have found that if I am reading the post through the bloglovin app or if I link to it from Twitter or Facebook then I don’t see the comments or the comment form. But I’m always on my phone when I do that. And if I click to view full site it all works just fine. Ironically, if I try to view the website from the laptop it always defaults to the mobile version so I have the same problem. Again, clicking to view full site fixes it.

 Another solution: if you routinely read the weblog and comment by iphone or android, this would be solved by subscribing to get posts by email. You could then comment (and enter giveaways) by answering the email, avoiding mobile browser complications completely. If you try this out could you please leave a comment here (assuming you can) to tell me so? Thank you for your help with this.