Havanese if you please

izzyy1If you are thinking of getting a smaller-sized dog, please think about Havanese (and you don’t have to buy — there are three different Havanese rescue organizations).

Look at these puppers.

They come in all colors and markings. 

They are small (usually less than fifteen pounds, often between ten and twelve, sometimes smaller), very sturdy, playful, wicked smart, loyal, long-lived, with very few health problems*, they don’t shed, and oh yes, the cutest puppers on the planet who grow into fantastic doggos.










*My Tuck lived to almost sixteen. He developed treatable diabetes at 14 and at the same time, cataracts. He died of cancer of the liver. Other issues for the breed: Luxating patella and hip dysplasia. But they are not flat faced and don’t have breathing problems which are common to many small breeds.

4 Replies to “Havanese if you please”

  1. I have a friend who has one named Zoe, she simply adores her dog.

    Personally, I’m a Keeshond person.

  2. Aw – I’m so glad to see someone else singing the praises of the Havanese breed. Our Teagan is our first Havanese (previously we had a lovely golden retriever that lived to be 15 years old… oh the hair!) and we cannot say enough good things about her. You have described them perfectly – small yet sturdy, not high strung, a lovely personality and hypoallergenic. The one thing I would add is their lack of barking. Many Havanese rarely bark, and we hear our Teagan’s bark maybe a handful of times a year. It makes them fantastic dogs for travelling or apartment living.

    They are like having living teddy bears with the sweetest dispositions. Even our non-dog friends have come around because of our Havanese!

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