happy new year! ask me questions!

I intend to get back into a regular posting schedule, really. It would be great to have someplace to start, so what’s on your mind? Ask me questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Also, the Long Dark Episode of DHL (the Horrible) and the Computer may finally be … you know. I can’t say it, something will be sure to go wrong. I have purposefully not been reporting the details because they would make you weep. Weep. Or laugh hysterically. Or both. However. I may actually get the durn thing back by Tuesday. And then I’ll have all my notes and the emails with the addresses about who gets what. Because there are at least five of you waiting for things you won, and you probably are calling me names under your breath even as you read this.

I do apologize for the ongoing delay.

Go ahead, ask me questions.