happy new year! ask me questions!

I intend to get back into a regular posting schedule, really. It would be great to have someplace to start, so what’s on your mind? Ask me questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Also, the Long Dark Episode of DHL (the Horrible) and the Computer may finally be … you know. I can’t say it, something will be sure to go wrong. I have purposefully not been reporting the details because they would make you weep. Weep. Or laugh hysterically. Or both. However. I may actually get the durn thing back by Tuesday. And then I’ll have all my notes and the emails with the addresses about who gets what. Because there are at least five of you waiting for things you won, and you probably are calling me names under your breath even as you read this.

I do apologize for the ongoing delay.

Go ahead, ask me questions.

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  1. You may have answered this before, Rosina, so forgive me — but is there one particular character, of all those you’ve created, who is your “heart”? The one you love most? And, if so, why?

  2. I’m gonna ask two questions, hope that’s okay.

    1. What is your all time favorite movie?

    2. What other surprises do you have in store for us for the release of Pajama Girls! (38 days and counting!)

  3. How do you write race relations into your historical fiction with authenticity? I think you’ve addressed this before. Link to prior posts if you want. I’m reading a sci-fi right now with a “dark” heroine, and until I got to a third chapter, I hadn’t cottoned-on to the fact she was actually dark-skinned, not just moody. ‘Cause she’s moody, too. And overall excellent, but race doesn’t seem to enter into the equation at all, and it contrasts so strongly to reality that I find it jarring. (Like BSG vs. Star Trek I guess) Add to this the hilarity of cover art that implies this heroine is caucasian (or they’re giving some medical plot-point away…), and it made me wonder about writing skin colour that isn’t your own. So, that too.

  4. I apologise if you’ve covered this in your earlier posts and I’ve missed it…I have a question about plotting novels. There are some authors who seem to skip this altogether and others who swear by it; do you sit down and specifically plot out your novels? And if so, what sort of mechanisms do you use for doing it?

  5. With all the characters associated with Lake in the Clouds, how are you deciding which characters to include and how important they will be in the story? Because there are already so many characters, how do you decide to add others?

  6. Here’s one I’ve often wondered about….
    when you have to come up with names for new characters, how do you do it and do you ever name any after people you know (and I do NOT mean Elizabeth).

  7. Hi There

    I missed this question yesterday…here are my questions. They are concerned with the process from first draft to the finished product that you are happy with before you send off to your agent/publisher.

    How many rounds of revisions do you go through? How much time do you leave between each pass?
    How much content do you cut out? Are you one of these lucky /skilled people who hardly need to revise at all? Has this process got easier for you the more books your write? I once read that Paullina Simons did 33 lots of revision to her Bronze Horseman novel – her fourth and most successful novel. Do you have any tips on what you cover in your revision process, your priorities? I know you once said you do a search to make sure you don’t overuse words.
    How many people do you let read your book as part of your review process?

    Thanks :-)

  8. Another question for you… if you didn’t have to worry about commercial reality…what would your next book focus on? People’s interests change over time, what really inspires you now?

    And something different again…your first Wilderness Series book came out some time ago now…a decade. What did you learn about writing, researching and publising in the process of producing that book that helped you, dare I say, made it easier, maybe not, with all those that followed. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What did you think of Gloria Steinem’s op-ed piece in the New York Times today? The title is “Women are never front-runners?

  10. Not sure if your still taking questions, but do you know what the title of Book 6 will be and do you get to decide the title of the book?

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