Gunk v. Good Stuff

I have symptoms which are truly awful, and I will not tell you about them because, well, I have some of the Catholic school girl veneer left. I do. The doctor said: oh yeah, you’ve got that galluping crud thing, nothing to do but ride it out. You know the drill.

And there’s nothing I want to watch on television tonight. I ask you, is that fair?

A few words about The Nine, which I mentioned yesterday. Here’s the setup:

Two brothers go into a bank to rob it. It all goes wrong, and they take hostages. One hostage is released early. Fifty-two hours later the police storm the place. Nine hostages survive.

What we are given:
a brief introduction to the main characters (those who will be hostages);
a few of the people in their lives;
a brief sketch of the two robbers;
the very beginning of the crisis.

Then the story jumps forward to the police rescue, and the hostages coming out. It moves on from there.

What you’ve got here is an interesting approach to plot. Thing of a group of people going into a big box. Fifty two hours later they come out the other side, and everything has changed. They have changed as individuals, their relationships with each other, their world views.

What happened in there?

That’s the tag line, and it’s a great one. Over the course of the season the story will be revealed both forward (and they each cope with the aftermath) and backward (what actually happened).

Lost does something like this, but there’s no mysterious mumbo jumpo in The Nine. No inexplicable polar bears or smoke monsters. It’s all about how humans deal with stress, or fail to deal with it. Which ones rose to the occasion, and which ones faltered. Survivor guilt and anger.

Interesting stuff. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

The downside: ten main characters, five male, five female. Three of the men are good looking and youngish; two are middle aged, one heavy, one just plain odd, as you see here.
Bio Billingsley
Bio McbrideFive women, and not one middle aged or less than gorgeous. Don’t look for a Kathy Bates type, because they couldn’t make room for that. Five good looking women, aged 16-35 was all they could come up with.

I really like the premise of this story and how they’re approaching it, but for dog’s sake. Will somebody please get a clue? If you’re worried about making your advertisers happy, it would seem to me it would make sense to at least make a gesture to women older than forty. We’ve got money, and we know how to spend it.

Very cranky, here. I’m going to go try to sleep.

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  1. Having a twilight zone moment here. My earlier intentions of riding my “cold” out have bin shot ta hell. Woke up today thinkin “ok, I’ve bin through all the icky stages of a cold, feelin a lil weak but it’s passed” Halfway through the day it starts all over again, cept this time with all the symtoms of pneumonia. I can almost visualize the doctor looking at that cloudy x-ray of my chest. Crap, doublecrap! So I’m crying “uncle” and am off tommorrow for antibiotics. Maybe along the way I’l chat with a couple of nosey old biddys I know. Maybe I’l garner some “grandmotherly” attentions. They are rather sweet, and also make there own soups from scratch hehe;) Hang in there Rosina, hope ya feel better quick. oh the plot thingy was very helpful, appreciate the lesson. :D

  2. Rosina, I understand what you are saying about casting women over 40, but for some reason I forget that I’m over 40 (41 to be exact) and I have suffered from a case of everybody is my age.

    I will see a good looking guy on the street and for the most part short of him wearing a pair of jeans that makes it look like his diaper’s full, I usually think he’s gotta be my age.

    As for that terrible cold you have, it will get better everyday, I know easy to say and humbug?, it is a slow process but it will happen. Wolf, I hope you find some TLC tomorrow with some grandma’s and get a hot bowl of soup or two. You both should be resting and reading a good book.

  3. Funny you should mention that, last night I stumbled upon The Nine a few minutes after it started. They played the pilot and the second episode right after. I’m hooked! I had told myself I wouldn’t get involved in any new shows, what with work and school full-time, and assignments… Oh well. I watched it during my Gazelle workout(ya know the Tony Little Gazelle? It’s great btw). I really love the plot thing going on :) It keeps the viewer(or reader in the case of a book) interested. I guess it’s the same thing with Lost. What makes people frustrated(never getting answers, instead more questions in each episode) is also what keeps those people coming back for more.

  4. Feel better, Rosina. You’ve been working really hard to wrap up your book. We all appreciate your hard work, but we don’t want you to neglect your health for our benefit (well, maybe selfishly, we do A LITTLE)! Drink lots of water, read something you couldn’t read while you were writing, and SLEEP.

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