good things

I am a very fortunate person. Everyone is healthy, I have a great kid and a loving husband and many wonderful friends. I have rewarding work, and puppy boys. I have a really good computer (bah, say I to MacBook and its intel chip, fie) and many books and a garden. And I have wonderful friends, really wonderful good friends.

Life is good.

My study is a mess, but life is good.

Oh and, we’ve had record rainfall for the last twenty-some days, but right now the sun is shining. Really good to see the sun on my fiftieth birthday.


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  1. Sunshine on your birthday is indeed good! (Rain not too bad, either, at least up to a point (she says from Drought Central). Also, inquiring minds want to know: Is your polyfiber addiction such that some worsted-weight 100% alpaca yarn in a couple of shades of pale natural gray sounds like a good thing to have? Because I have a nicely-aged stash of same that needs to go to a really good home, and I did adopt your batik box [g]

    I thought of you today when D. mentioned that this week she had enjoyed spending time with a very mellow small dog… “I think he was a Zen Terrier.”

  2. Why yes, that sounds like something that belongs in my stash. Trying to find its way home, in a manner of speaking.

    I really appreciate the way D looks at the world. Zen Terrier. Snort. Giggle.

  3. Ah, into your box it goes, then! Along with your shiny new Jane Austen Action Figure, which I really hope you don’t already have an example of [g]. Also, for your crazy-quilting stash, would you like an embroidered patch that says BLOOD AND FIRE, THE SALVATION ARMY??

    (Other contents remain Deep Seekrit, just wasn’t sure whether those would appeal to you.)

  4. Happy birthday!! With such good things in your life, what more do you need? I wish I could share my Butter Rum Life Savers and bowl of fresh pineapple with you. Instead, I will savour them in your honour and reflect on the good things in my life. Cheers!

  5. Today is my best friend Lorraine’s birthday too. As a present, I gave her brand new copies of all your books. I know she will love them as I do. It’s a present to you too….sort of.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Thanks everyone — and happy birthday to Lorraine. You certainly know how to pick out a present, Deb.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you !
    Some would say that the sunshine is a blessing on your birthday
    I hope this proves to be the case.
    All the best for the year ahead.

  8. Happy Birthday. Hope you had some cake. We had a “no reason” cake today, Black Forest cake. I like almost everything about cake (making them, icing them, designing them, serving them, eating them) – perhaps too much…but as I age, I realize I like cake just as well for how it feeds my mind with analogous thoughts. Here’s a slice to you!

  9. Happy belated birthday! Happy belated MLK Day! And happy belated any other special day I’ve missed!

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