good things ahead

Edited to add: HOW DID I MISS THIS?

The Accidental Husband with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Determined to start off the New Year with some positive thoughts, and so here are a few movies I’m really looking forward to:

27 Dresses

Maid of Honor

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day 

You’ll notice that these are all romantic comedies. There are some other movies coming 2008 that look great, but forget the serious stuff for now. Do you know of any other promising romantic comedies coming up, in film or novel** form? Have you heard of these three? 

**Let us not forget The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square, because they will not forget you.


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  1. I was itching to see “PS, I Love You” this summer but have heard a few things that have convinced me to wait til it comes out on DVD. I’m hoping that “27 Dresses” will be up to the mark instead; Katherine Hiegel is just so brilliant in everything she does.

    I’m also looking forward to “Then She Found Me” – Helen Hunt and Colin Firth? A winning combination right there.

  2. Not movies, but Public Broadcasting is presenting The Complete Jane Austen starting in January. This includes the 1996 Pride and Prejudice, other previous productions, and apparently some new ones to do the complete set of novels.

  3. “27 Dresses” looks really good, that’s one that I would like to see. And only 42 more days until Pajama Girls!

  4. Okay, it’s not exactly a romantic comedy and it came out in 2007, but for anyone who hasn’t seen Juno yet, you need to! It’s brilliant, in my opinion and hilarious. I’m now looking forward to any future projects starring Ellen Page.

    And I’m looking forward to 27 Dresses as well.

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