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Paperback Writer has a great post up here. It’s one of those rare magical posts that gives you a way to work that actually feels like procrastination.

She’s asked the characters from her next novel (Evermore) to write blurbs for the book. I suppose you have to know the earlier books in the series and all the characters in order to appreciate the humor but believe me: it’s there.

So now I can’t get this out of my head. What quote would Elizabeth or Jennet or Curiosity (or anyone else) give for the cover of Queen of Swords? How about Angie or John or Miss Zula, what would they say about Tied to the Tracks? I can imagine Curiosity saying something like this: Don’t you know a good story when you see one? You look simple, staring that way. Buy the book, I need people to listen to me talk.

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  1. I read the Evermore galley this weekend, and couldn’t help wondering what it would be like if the Darkyn had turned up in Dawn on A Distant Shore.

    Then I was tickled to come upon Sara’s cameo appearance as one of Jayr’s favorite authors.

    It’s a wonderful exercise. I can hear Curiosity saying that, too!

  2. I think Gabriel would be your best advocate for the Wilderness stories. I can’t think exactly what he would say, but something enthusiastic and effervescent about his family and their stories and how exciting the lives of those who go away without him are (for Fire Along the Sky and Queen of Swords). Or Jennet, particularly in her Scots way, promising a story which would take a person’s mind off their problems and dissatisfactions. It seems to me that Elizabeth and Nathaniel and Hannah too would be a bit bewildered as to why anyone would want to read about them, Nathaniel maybe a bit impatient. Do you have trouble with them when you want to tell their stories?

  3. I can just imagine what each of the characters would say about each of the books. We just wouldn’t want Richard Todd to say anything, you wouldn’t sell another book ;0)
    Julian would bet the reader that they will walk away loving the books.
    I agree with Sheena, Jennet we know is a great storyteller so it would have to be her for Fire Along The Sky and Queen of Swords in Scots.

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