gimme gimme giveaway: WINNER

I pulled Sal’s name out of the hat. Her LibraryThing username is Towse, if you’d like to have a look at her library.

Thanks to everyone who signed up.

Next giveaway: a Queen of Swords ARC.

142 Replies to “gimme gimme giveaway: WINNER”

  1. Thanks for finally luring me to LibraryThing – What an amazing site (and an excellent way to avoid working on the dissertation!!!!)

    My LibraryThing username: AphrasDaughter

  2. A pile of favorite books–who could resist that? Plus I really need a copy of Persuasion. I’m assuming that’s a critical edition! (cough)

    username ejg11

  3. Wow, a contest and a way to organize my books. What will you think of next, perhaps a contest that helps me organize the pantry or the kids toys. My username is 1wordlover. Thanks, Carolyn

  4. Does time spent entering my academic books into LibraryThing count as studying? Because I’ve got an ugly doctoral exam coming soon…

    my username: meagansue

  5. My UserName is MyUtopia
    I love contest, I have been meaning to do the library thing too. Thanks for getting me off my duff. I once did this from all of my journal articles and DVD’s (which are a lot), but have yet to catalog my many books.

  6. I now have to read Hearts and Bones…hope its not one of the out-of-print ones:)

    Username – Jenna

  7. My usersname : ahvelosa

    i’ve got all 400 CDs in iTunes and 200 DVD in Excel, and now I can start with all the books.

    Thanks for the incentive.

  8. LibraryThing is awesome! Unfortunately, I own (relatively) few books, unless you count textbooks! My username is chikkorae.

  9. OMG! This is the greatest thing since …well, not lsiced bread, but pretty close! I can’t wait to get to work on this….and I would luve your book pile – I have already read the series, but….OMG! OMG! OMG!

  10. This is SO COOL! I can’t wait to tell my other book-loving friends. Thanks for the tip. Glad you popped up on my Amazon homepage. . .

  11. I’m on Library Thing as amlopez. Looking forward to cataloging my library! And reading those books.

  12. What I like about Library Thing is that you can see who else has similar books to you and then try out the other books that they might have on their shelves.
    username: jacq1101

  13. I absolutely LOVE Library Thing now! I can’t wait to get all books organized this way. I’m going to get my mom to do it too! My dream is to have one whole room in my house dedicated for a Library. I can’t wait until that dream comes true!
    Username: ElissaHahn

  14. I’m going to be spending an awful lot of time cataloging my books, aren’t I. Damn. (but sooo addictive…)

    Username: katyjo

  15. Thanks for the incentive to get organized! Most of my books are stuffed in rubbermaid bins in a friend’s basement while we do renovations, but we’re getting near the end of finishing the room that will be my office and we just bought two enormous oak bookshelves–what fun it will be to unpack all my old paper friends.

    LibraryThing user name: kremen

  16. Nifty!

    I already have a year membership with librarything – I was over the 200 book cap on free memberships. I probably should have splurged on the life membership but I was pinching pennies at the time. Librarything is such a brilliant site! To think I might never have started reading your blog if I hadn’t caught my eye on your War of 1812 books. I love the unexpected ways in which the internet connects people.

    My librarything username is jest.
    Email is just_jest(at)

  17. I would especially love to get my hands on that ARC of Queen of Swords!

    User name: hannahkr


  18. Now I understand why everyone says Library Thing is so addictive.

    Username: PolarBear

    I’m fascinated by the title “Tied to the Tracks”

  19. Sometimes my taste in books leads me to believe I love to delve into “trashy” romance novels. So no one judges me too harshly, I only put in a few of the GOOD books aka the wilderness series!


  20. oh i’m addicted already! and i would love that pile of books to come down under and join me here in Aus.
    My user name is lizard

  21. Can’t wait to get started! Of course the first book I put in was my all time favorite “Into the Wilderness”. I loved reading what you have in your personal libray. thanks for getting me hooked on LibraryThing! I hope I can add a few more books from your personal collection sometime soon! :D
    username – melissag email –

  22. I have just discovered your books and I am amazed at the detail you put into your stories, I feel like I am actually there. So glad I found you, your books will be with me for quite a long time. Please keep writing.

  23. User name- MindyK
    What a great thing for a teacher! I can direct my students to the catalog and they can see which books I have and find out information about them! thanks for the information.

  24. Hi I’m an old fan. I am austrian and loved Homestead. I am also a fellow Chicagoan. I hope I win because I am a poor teacher and can use all the help I can get.

  25. I absolutely cannot wait until Queen of Swords is released to read it….i am going to explode with my impatience and excitement!! username:lostinmyimagination (which explains my impatience, I get so caught up in the character’s life, I forget they aren’t real and right now, I have to help them find Jennet!)

  26. I had been meaning to try the library thing so this was a great excuse. My id over there is kinderny (pronounced with a short i sound).
    e mail is chrissales06 at turrisfortis dot org

  27. What a gift! Thank you! Now I can organize my books and maybe even be able to find them when I am looking for a particular one.

  28. User id is Diamondlil. Good things I am on holidays next week, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to feed my new addiction!

  29. Sara,
    What is all this? Another giveaway? You are too generous! You give us so much….like the pictures of your chairs and writing room…..LOVED those. I especially loved the paper bag next to the chair. Storage? or what you brought back from the book store that day? Now I will look at my shelves and get serious about reading whats on them instead if being tempted away to the library… addiction of mine! My user name is….CFS2050….same as here. Thank you
    Cynthia in Florida

  30. Me, organized? Yeah, right.

    But hey, there’s always a first time — and this way I might actually be able to not only remember some of the great books in my library, but recommend them to friends.

    I’m “Willybean,” the silly nickname I gave my dog Willow (because “editrix” was already taken)

    Jena at

  31. Pick me pick me! My user name is noseinbook because I constantly have my nose in one – this is what my Mum used to call me!

  32. Hiya lane_dazzler here!!

    Generosity plus with the giveaway’s. Even if I don’t win I will have discovered new authors!! Thanks :)
    Absolutely dying out here in Oz waiting for QOS.
    And LibraryThing is a cool site too.

  33. Do you know how little time I have for fiction right now? (nursing school) and yet you go and publish 2 more books this year and find a neat online library thingy to distract me. I’m just trying to make it to spring break to finish Gabaldon’s last tome and maybe re watch a season fo Farscape, so come on summer and come on queen of swords (sigh)
    Anon, Christine aka cbglacier (everywhere)
    “I can be more”

  34. what a nice surprise to stumble across this site and the PLOG on a sunday morning. and a mental head slap to me- i just found out that lippi and donati are the same person.
    happy reading!

  35. Finally, a site to feed my book obsession! I am excited to see where it might take me. Much like a good book takes me to into the unknown and undiscovered. Plus, I’d love to have that pile of books! Thanks so much.

    LT username: teasdale

  36. Thanks so much for showing me the Library Thing – the girls at book club will love it!
    LT username: jenquilty

  37. I should have been cleaning my apartment. But instead, I spent my time checking out Library Thing. I’m not sure whether to thank you or curse you for directing me to yet another addictive web-site!

    LT username: dswain

  38. I’m a long time lurker here. I don’t often enter contests, because I’m in Australia, but if that’s okay with you, I’d like to take part.

    I’ve had a free account for a while, and love it. It’s improving all the time.


    username: cthorp


  39. My name is Nicole.
    My username is Kikomarie.
    My email is nicole _at_ hilborn _dot_ net

  40. Thanks so much for directing me to LibraryThing. It’s a great concept and is also useful if one ever needs to make an insurance claim.

    Hoping to win your “Pile -o – books” particularly the one you like so much you’re reread it 20 times (must be excellent!!!).

    Also the ARC of Tied to the Tracks and Queen of Swords would be great.

    My LibraryThing user name is AndreaClark

    Thanks for hours of great reading!!!

  41. My username is Unsympathetic, and I think I’ve only got half my books done.

    I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to LibraryThing! I was looking for a way to catalog my books, and this fits the bill nicely.

    (And I hope I win, because I can always use some new books to read :))

  42. Nothing could be better than a pile o’books except a pile o’books with ice cream on top! Thanks for the intro to Library Thing now I have more ways to avoid actual job!


  43. My username is rachelellen.

    Thanks so much for finally luring me into this new addiction. I’d avoided it until now — and trust me, it hasn’t been easy.

  44. This is too good an opportunity to pass up. Also, I think I might now be addicted to library thing.

    username: mellific


  45. What fun! Thanks for introducing me to Library Thing! As if my reading list weren’t already long enough…

    My username is snakelet.

  46. I’m a cataloger for a college library during the day, but LibraryThing is nothing like work…so engaging and enlightening and will keep me up at night.

    I’m Looseleaf at LibraryThing.

  47. User: twinslibrary
    Hi Rosina–Thanks for introducing me to LibraryThing, I love it. I started putting in my books and couldn’t stop. Also love your blog, though I’ve never commented before.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be entered into the contest, though, because I actually already have a bound galley of TTTT (I work at Penguin and was able to snag an extra). I’ve been meaning to email you to tell you how much I enjoyed it–if you’re interested, you can read the mini-review I posted on my blog for it

    But if you’re giving away a QoS ARC, please enter me into the contest – Hannah’s my favorite character and I can’t wait to see what happens for her next (good things, right? she deserves it!).

  48. Jennie — of course you can enter the contest. And thanks for that really great review of TTTT — it’s also the first one I’ve seen. Given your evaluation of some other books I like a lot, I’m pretty darn happy with my 8.

  49. Please help! What is this “Library Thing”? How do I become included? I LOVE your books (all the Wilderness Series) and came on Amazon this morning to recall the name of your novel about Austria so I could order it and there you were with the announcement of the book giveaway. I ho pe it’s not too late to enter. I sympathize with the floor thing. Many years ago we did the same and lived in our camper for two days.

  50. What a great idea!

    Can’t wait to read QoS! Reading Lake in the Clouds now and can’t seem to put it down… Already have a copy of the next one to avoid a lapse in books!

    LibraryThing username: JHollo77

  51. Lost all my books in a basement flood, joined librarything and am surprised how many i have in just a few months time. Still have more to add. my user name is ana_namus

  52. Pat — if you look at the announcement again, I think the instructions are clearer now.

  53. Wow I had never heard of LibraryThing until just now. This is going to take long time to enter all my books in here but in the end it will be worth it!
    user name: aalexan02

  54. Hi my name is Rachel.
    My LibraryThing username is Cintrelle.
    Email is

    I’ve really enjoyed putting my books on LibraryThing, now I just need more time to read them, as these are just the books in my to be read pile.

  55. lt = brasmussen01

    Thank you for the hours of enjoyment with your books! I read them all straight through once I had discovered them and look forward to visiting them once again.

    Thanks for the LT push too. Who knew?

  56. Oh sure, I start my evening checking Amazon to see if there’s a pub date for the next Sara Donati book…And then I’m lured to Library Thing and become a thingambrarian. (Is this degree accredited by the American Library Association?) As a librarian, I’m fascinated by the database. Guess I can quite using my Amazon wishlist as my organizer.

    Username barbekresla.

  57. Goodie, a place to look at other peoples bookshelves for great reading ideas. A genious idea! I’m imagining what might have been on Elizabeths M. Bonners listing?

    Username: LFhere

  58. You shamed me into it! I’ve been ignoring your request for days now… Although this is going to take a long time to do it right. And I read a lot of library books, but this will be interesting.

    Username: StephanieV

  59. Wow. I had wondered where something like this was…wanted to go beyond Wishlists to get better recommendations. This looks like a new obsession!
    Id: scarlet_a

  60. I CAN NOT WAIT for Queen of Swords!!! My dad reads all the Sara Donati books, then I read them, then my dad’s girlfriend reads them… We are totally hooked! Pile o’ favorite books – can’t resist!!! I guess I’m a bit of a ‘book addict’; I just can’t stop myself!
    My user name is MistAce14
    Now, I’ve got to go back and enter more books in my catalog – this is fun!

  61. Librarything is *way* too much fun! There’s something so pleasurable about seeing a bunch of books you own, displayed with the cover art out, on a website. I’ve just spent an hour adding and searching out books – I ended up adding many more than five – and am off to see what else I can do there. LOVE it!

    username: gaito

  62. I left a comment back at the beginning of January when I first followed up one of your mentions of Library Thing. Here’s another: Fun app. A real time sink.

    username: towse

  63. What delicious fun! Books are my life & love. I’m writing, but it’s only a bio for my grands and future grands – I’d give millions to have had one to read. Thrilled about the next Elizabeth Bonner book! Thanks so much for this fab site.

  64. Joined — I love LibraryThing. Now I have no excuse not to have my book collection cataloged!

    username: jmcarr2001

  65. Oh, you evil evil woman. You convinced me to sign up, and now I’m obsessed! Looking at my books. Looking at other people’s books. Thinking about what books to add to the collection. Thinking about books I know I own but can’t recall where they are. Linking to Amazon and inadvertently BUYING more books!

    Evil, I say.

  66. What a great way to keep track of favorite books! It is also a good way to find others who are as obsessed about certain types of books as I am….historical fiction.

  67. OMG, I just love these things! AND Queen of Swords, this is too much!!! Pick me!!! I will gladly take those books off your hands!
    username: melkev98

  68. I remember the day I “met” you. My librarian greeted me at her desk, holding Into the Wilderness – “You have to read this, the Outlanders are here!” I have been a “tickled fish” of your work ever since. Until offspring are done with school, I cannot buy books for me, my librarian has this on her must buy list. My Library thing username is: Senjiwe

  69. Thanks for introducing me to a new fun web site that is sure to become an obsession…and a way to exercise my inner librarian! My user name is marti2500.

  70. I had fun deciding which books to list. I ended up listing 10 instead of 5.
    LibraryThing: cstumbo

  71. thanks for introducing me to this site! i’m a big fan of your writing. my librarything username is: pantoufle

  72. I would like to add my thanks for turning me on to LTh and even blogs, which I had no knowledge of until I came to your TTTT web page (so cool by the way). Thank you for giving us readers a look into the mind of an author, I found your TTTT website delightful and quite educational, much like your works.

  73. I’m completely addicted to Librarything, but haven’t yet bought a membership, so this a great competition.

    Username: vierran
    E-mail: vierran45(at)

  74. I’d like to be in the giveaway! My email’s above, my LT username is adrienneltravis.

  75. Ch, contest :) I’ve been a member of librarything for a while, but didn’t manage to buy an account – Thanks!
    user: parelle
    email: thesis54[a]

  76. Ooops, and thanks for looking out for the absentminded ones! My user name the LibraryThing is mrsmj, whish me luck.

  77. im really looking forward to Queen of Swords, and Pajama Jones :) I’ve really enjoyed your other books. And thanks for the addicting habit of LibraryThing….my user name is lauriem. and please dont be disappointed that I haven’t listed your titles yet…im adding shelf by shelf and yours are on the top.

  78. What an absolutely charming idea!
    I have only recently discovered Library Thing, and I’m loving every second of it – not only LT itself, but all those fascinating other sites and blogs it leads me to. Such as yours!
    (jaydot on LT, too)

  79. I had never heard of Library Thing, it’s a great site. Love the Wilderness Series, can’t wait for Queen of Swords.

  80. My user name is Shauna26. How cool is that site, beats my old journal with lists any day. I will have to forward it to my sister the library science person in our family.

    Thank you so much for all the hours of enjoyment reading your wilderness series. I was so sad when I came to the end and realized I had wait to see what happened to my “friends”. I truly believe a good book is like a good friend, so that last page is always hard.


  81. I love this site and I love your wilderness series!
    my name on library thing is almostnormal01
    email ehaney at emich dot edu

  82. I love your books and the librarything website! Thanks for introducing me to it.

    username: kwells

  83. Thanks for directing me to Library Thing. Now I get to look at books from home (so distracting but lots of fun) and then I know what to look for when I go to the library. The only thing is my reading list keeps getting longer and longer, and I just can’t keep up… I guess I’ll never get bored with all these books :-)

    My username: plukaduck.

  84. This sounds like so much fun. I love books so much especially yours ;)
    My username is: flyrobynfly


  85. Hmm, I was one of those idiots…uh mistaken folks. I thought I was supposed to send you an e-mail. Oh well.

    chrissales06 at turrisfortis dot org (written like that to fool ‘bots).

    My name at library thing is kinderny.

  86. EDITIED:
    My UserName is MyUtopia
    I love contest, I have been meaning to do the library thing too. Thanks for getting me off my duff. I once did this from all of my journal articles and DVD’s (which are a lot), but have yet to catalog my many books.
    Name: Kelly

  87. I posted my user name way earlier, but didn’t but my email in the body of the comment. So:
    Name: Katie
    Username: chikkorae
    email: kshaw at mail dot

  88. Hi, I entered earlier, but now I see I didn’t put my email address in (I thought it would link from where I entered it to post the comment). So updated-

    LTh: missmarroo

  89. I am absolutely addicted to books and anything related to reading/writing. Books are my drug of choice.Thanks for the Library Thing info….MORE BOOKS!!!!!

  90. I have problems following directions. I listed my user name, then sent the email address separately. So here they are together, just in case.

    username: jmcarr2001
    email: jmcarr2001 at yahoo dot com

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