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For those who have mentioned to me that you would like to see the genealogy charts for the characters in the Wilderness novels and The Gilded Hour,  here’s what I can offer you. 

There is a Gilded Hour wiki, as you may be aware.


The purpose of the wiki is to serve  as a place to keep and organize all the research I’ve collected while writing the novel (and continue to pull together for the sequel, of course).  If you pop over there and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see a list of wiki categories on the right. Genealogy will take you to a list of the pages that include genealogical charts and information.[1.  Note: I know there are continuity errors (inevitable over a fifteen year writing period), but if you feel the need to point something out, please leave a comment on that page. Note also: I had to do some restructuring over there, so if you click on a link and it gives you an error, please let me know so I can fix it. You can do that by leaving a comment on the page where you found the broken link.] 

GH Wiki Character Index
GH Wiki Character Index

There are two ways I’m keeping track of characters: first, a general list or index,  in which every character should (eventually) be listed (see to the right).

Second, character sketches or pages for primary and secondary characters (see below).

You will note that character pages are incomplete. Try this: put the name Anna Savard into the search box (in the top banner) and click on the article with that name.  You’ll see that Anna’s page has a great deal of information, but if you do another search, this time for Oscar Maroney you’ll note that Oscar needs some attention. There are many names not yet entered — in the index and in the list of character sketches.  All the existing pages have some information, but getting them into shape will take me a long time, working on this a half hour at a time.  

GH Wiki Character Sketch
GH Wiki Character Sketch

Right now the GH Wiki is limited to characters appearing in The Gilded Hour, but if there is interest enough, I may set things up so that all characters from the Wilderness novels could be included. 

So now here’s the thing: if you have a burning desire to add information to the wiki (for example, to fill in empty character charts, or add information about a landmark), that may be possible in the near future. Right now I’m looking for just two people who have a little time and energy to invest in the wiki, to see how it goes. Those two people will be upgraded from ‘subscriber’ to ‘contributer’ and that will give them limited ability to edit all the wiki pages. If you’re interested, please let me know in the comments.

Just so you know: wiki page edits are kept track of and older versions of an article can be restored should disaster strike. As it always does, sooner or later.  

So there you have it. Go on over and look through all the family genealogy pages. If you would like to see a page on something in particular — for example, you are wondering about the elevated trains in 1883 — you can suggest that anywhere — there, here, FaceBook. If on the other hand you are an expert on the subject of elevated trains in NYC in the 1880s and you’d like to put a wiki article together, please shout at me. I’d love it if people with specific knowledge got involved. 

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