further misadventures of the Mathematician

Fall is the season when the Mathematician seems to be most accident prone. He’s been home from England for a week, and we spent this morning in the emergency room getting his head stapled back together.

Yes, you read that right. This morning he was doing his physical therapy exercises which involve a great big rubber band and a hook on the door. Have I mentioned the Mathematician is a rather big guy? So he was pulling straight out from the shoulders with his back to the wall and suddenly there was a terrific bang, which almost woke me up.

I need a towel, sez he.
Huh, say I (still half asleep)
Right now! sez he. And: Too late.

And he lay down on the bed.

This is what happened: The hook flew off the wall propelled by the giant rubber band (an impromtu slingshot, if you will) and bashed the Mathematician on the back of the head. It broke in half, and his scalp was lacerated in two places. So at that point he was shaking and very white. Blood was everywhere (and this not ten seconds after the impact).

I ran for a towel, he sat up and I squeeked. Head lacerations bleed a lot, but this was scary. Two pillows half soaked with blood.

They were very good at the E.R. Got him cleaned up, and put five staples in his head. Now were home again and I’m wondering if these down pillows really can be machine washed, as the tag claims. Also, I’m thinking this has not been a good year. I wish I believed in astrology so I had something to blame it all on.

PS And the physical therapy had really been going so well. His back symptoms completely under control, no more heavy duty drugs for the pain.