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Jeanette is one of the first people to get into an on-line discussion of the Wilderness books. Something we have in common: we both love Dorothy Dunnett’s fiction. I prefer the Niccolo stories, and she prefers the other series… what was it called?

Duck, run.

At any rate, Jeannette left a comment that I’m moving up, front and center:

Sara, This is absolutely the wrong place to post this but I couldn’t find another appropriate place. I was browsing the web this morning and checked out Bill Marshall’s Dunnett Blog and found the following entry:


So in my mind this begs the question, is she such a good writer because she is related to you? Or are you such a good writer because you are related to her? *LOL*

Doh! – Donati
August 14th, 2007

One of the contributors to the Game of Kings discussion list recently uncovered a little gem of information. The name Donati – as in Evangelista Donati, who looks after Joleta and later hands Kuzum into the care of Philippa at Zakynthos – is apparently the Italian form of Dunnett. One of those ‘obvious as soon as you know it’ snippets of knowledge, yet I don’t think anyone had discovered it previously. Well found Viviana.

So like Dorothy to drop such a connection into the story knowing that it might lay undiscovered for years. I can just hear her laughing – ‘oh good, they found one, but there’s plenty more to go’.

This really is funny. I had no idea. Really. It feels almost irreligious to compare myself to her.