3 Replies to “from flickr: visual prompts”

  1. It just goes to show we all see different things first off. Myself I only saw the tomatoes – one of my favourite foods. On second look, the bowl is quite interesting, but it still would have been the tomatoes that prompted me to write.

  2. Was at my flicker and was browsing some pics, mainly landscapes, coastal,rocky, woman walking her dogs,winter beaches, nice, but not doing anything to get the creative juices flowing. Then I came to one with woman sitting on a rock, ocean in the background, nothing special in itself till I noticed the title”Shag rock” got me wondering, then the following picture, a woman looking up the beach(inward) footprints in the sand, title “shagged out” Suddenly I was imagining a history for this woman, living in a summer retreat all year long, the people she’d met during the summer, just down for a week or two, or a weekend. Anywho, visaul prompts rock!

  3. Wolfy — It works like that for me, too. A particular picture will spark a whole complex series of ideas, while others leave me cold.

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